Fast Forward Asks, "What is the Best Mode for Public Transportation in Lebanon?"

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A bicycle?  A train?  A bus? What is the best mode of public transportation for Lebanon? [image via:]

Fast Forward, the organization that led a protest composed of 150 cyclists storming the streets of Beirut a few weeks ago in order to promote sustainable transportation, isn’t tired yet.

It believes that the Lebanese people “deserve a modern public transportation system that can make our lives easier” and more sustainably, and will not rest until its message has been received.

It recently approached the public at large via the organization’s Facebook page and asked, “What’s the best mode for public transportation in Lebanon?”  Some responses were thoughtful, some impractical, but above all it was refreshing to see people thinking about the problem.

Most responders agreed that the solution would have to be low-budget and not require a tax increase.  Since setting up train and tram systems can be quite costly, several readers suggested sticking with a good old bus system.

Buses are advantageous because they can work well within existing road infrastructures, and because there are now hybrid buses that are much greener.

One creative respondent also suggested increasing the taxes on newly purchased cars (to a whopping 100%!) in order to reduce the incentive to buy a personal vehicle.  The same person also proposed creating more bicycle lanes and sidewalks, and encouraging telecommuting in order to reduce the number of people using the roads to get to work each day.

So what do you think the optimal method of public transportation could be where you live?

:: Fast Forward

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