Mekano Designs Renewable Energy Skyscraper For Cairo’s Filthy Garbage City


Mekano Architects have dreamed up the ultimate solution for Cairo’s filthy Garbage City. Long an eye-sore and public health menace, the area on the outskirts of Egypt’s capital was once a recycling center for the Zabaleen. They sorted through waste and recycled it, and used pigs to devour organic waste. After swine flu emerged, however, […]

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Blondes Have More Fun Composting

Maybe blondes really do have more fun, and more fun composting too. It’s easier to get Israelis excited about blondes than about composting, but if you get their eco-attention using a blonde?  That’s a different story.  Atar Friedman, a beautiful young Israeli blonde with a mission, has been trying to get Israelis more conscious about […]

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Lebanon Launches New Recycling Campaign, "Think Before You Throw"


Before its garbage situation gets out of control, Lebanon is urging citizens to Think Before You Throw. [image via: blinkofaneye] With the average Lebanese person allegedly producing 1 kilogram of waste a day, the situation is pretty trashy (especially when Lebanon garbage trucks dump into the sea).  Delegates attending the launch of Lebanon’s new recycling […]

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Organic Waste Converter "Hands-free Food Waste System" May Work Better Than Composting


About 50% of the waste in the UAE is organic. A new converter launched at conference aims to reduce this amount by 90% within a day. For years, composting has been considered as the environmentally best method for  disposing of organic waste material, especially ones like the NatureMill Urban Composter, we wrote about in January. […]

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NatureMill's Urban Compost Device for Composting in Cities and Apartments


NatureMill’s urban compost bin does the work right in the house. Now there are no excuses to not composting! You already know through reading Green Prophet that you can make your own vegetable composter for only $10 worth of easily obtainable materials.  With all the interest being circulated dealing with organic gardening at home, including […]

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Leading TransBioDiesel as a Catalyst for Change in the Middle East


Israeli-Arab Dr. Sobhi Basheer of TransBioDiesel: using his experience with enzymes to replace conventional polluting practices. Many people today know that science can make biofuel from organic waste. But what a large percentage of people don’t realize is that the biofuel process actually creates pollution and waste. Looking to minimize the damage, and set an […]

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