An Ungreen Invention: The Automated Street Meat-Cutting Robot

A totally redundant and ungreen invention automates Middle East meat cutting.

We were fooled by Grist yesterday and the news that McDonald’s meals won’t compost for 1,000 years, but this meat-cutting robot, a donor-robo looks like no joke. Designed by Turkish engineers, your Middle East street meat will never be the same, boast developers of the product now being sold at a German expo. Seriously folks?

A robot that cuts donor meat? We laud inventions that automate the cleaning of solar panels, or that make our power consumption more efficient, but this invention, reported by PopSci is up there in the annals of the ungreen, unnecessary and completely random. Street meat cutting is a job done best by humans. No added machines necessary. Agreed?

Some of the feats the donor robo can perform:

  • Non-stop working 7 days a week, 24 hours
  • Ability to cut in front of the high-temperature without getting bored
  • Eliminates the negative human factors (sneezing, cough, perspiration, breath, touch, etc.) and guarantees hygiene (what will happen to the authentic taste of street meat? Isn’t sneezing the essential ingredient?_
  • Anybody with no experience at all, can both cook and slice by these robots
  • Doner Robot slices the doner by using its digital camera


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