Green Your Mother’s (and Grandmother's) Day, Sunday May 9

No this grandmother isn’t wearing a plant on her head! It’s a green halo. Some ideas for Mother’s, and Grandmother’s day. Image via robertivanc

It’s hot on our tracks. Yet again Mother’s Day. The time to celebrate lovely mothers all over the globe. Are you tired of giving your mother the same old flowering potted plant that wilts and dies and then gets composted by mid-June? We are. That’s why Green Prophet has come up with a few more ideas for greening your gift list for Mom.

1. If you live in the Middle East region, or like the taste of the Middle East, consider heading to one of your local markets specializing in spices, Asian or Eastern markets will probably have the freshest varieties, and consider making your mom a spice rack. But not your average paprika-garlic-peppercorn variety, but spices that are unique, different and known to have great benefits for women. Not that we have anything against garlic of course! To read up on some ideas, follow Miriam’s post on the ABCs of Middle Eastern spices. And read this very special recipe on how to make a rose sandwich. We bet Mom would love that.

2. Because Green Prophet is all about the Middle East and promoting the culture, style and values from this region, how about a groovy and something-different greeting card for mom? It may say that Allah is great, but if your mom can’t read Arabic you can tell her it says Happy Mother’s Day in Arabic. Find these Islamic-inspired gift cards on Sakina Designs. Ask them. Maybe they can make to order something special.

3. Moms always love clothes. Consider one of our favorite activities: Spending the afternoon shopping at thrift stores for some neat and fabulous designs. Some stores have special vintage sections. Even more fun: buy outfits from the time Mom was your age and go out for lunch together. If you’re extra creative ask Mom to show you a few tips on the sewing machine in the spare bedroom. It might need a bit of grease, but probably waiting to zest up some old fashions in the second-hand shops or in the back of her closet.

Spending time with mom is extra green. Better than a gift offer her your help around the house, cooking a meal together, or going for a walk in the park. Chances are Mom would rather in a million years spend time with her kids than expect expensive gifts any way.

Happy Day!

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