Hamish MacDonald's "Finitude" for Climate Activists to Ponder

Bradley Winterton, writing in the Taipei Times in Taiwan, recently gave big thumbs up to one of the first climate chaos novels to come out of Britain, Finitude, penned by a Canadian expat in Edinburgh named Hamish MacDonald.

While the novel takes place in an un-named country in the far distant future, it’s a book for climate activists and general readers in Israel and other parts of the Middle East to ponder, because the dystopian future MacDonald writes about could very well happen anywhere on Earth.

The book is a wake-up call about global warming, and Winterton’s review is the first time the book was
reviewed in a print newspaper anywhere in the world. Go take a look at the review and then if you’re still interested, get your hands on the book. On one level, it’s a fun read, and on another level, it’s what the future may very well look like.

Excerpt from the book review: “In Hamish MacDonald’s ‘Finitude,’ humankind teeters on the brink of extinction after failing to clean up its environmental act and save the planet….This is a coherent, lively and fast-moving attempt to put a widely feared future into imaginative, fictional form.”

::Taipei Times

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