Think Again: Fill All Those Empty Glass Jars with Light

empty jar tea lightThink Again is a series that provides fun ideas for how to reuse items in your home that you would normally throw out or recycle.  Reusing is higher on the “green” food chain than recycling, because getting another use out of an object is always more effective than spending the energy to recycle it.  Plus, trying to reuse can force us to be creative!

We’ve all got them lying around – glass jars that we’ve kept from tomato sauce, or olives, or jam.  You may have been able to find some uses for them around the kitchen – maybe even using them to store the homemade etrog jam or strawberry jam inspired by Green Prophet recipes.  You may have also found some uses outside the kitchen, using them as pencil holders or spare change jars.  But if you enjoy a good spaghetti with tomato sauce dinner, chances are those jars are going to add up.

This easy project will help you transform a jar into a tea light or candle holder.  Not only does this mean that you’re being green by upcycling something that you already have, but the ambience created by this tea light might inspire you to turn off your electrical lights and save some energy.

For this project you will need:

1 clean empty glass jar

4 or 5 strips of paper (whatever kind you want)


All purpose white glue

1-2 small tea light candles

glass jar tea light1.  Cut a piece of paper (preferably something from your recycling bin) into 4 or 5 strips that can wrap around your jar.  You could also use strips from different papers, making each strip a different color.  The strips will not only decorate your jar, but also cast interesting shadows once the candles are lit inside.  If you’d rather paste shapes on your jars instead of strips, go for it.

2.  Spread some glue on your strips and glue the strips to the jar in a pattern of your jar candle light

3.  After letting the glue dry, rest the jar on it’s side and place 1 or 2 small tea light candles inside through the jar opening.  Light the candles and enjoy!

Warning: the glass itself will get hot once the candles are lit, so be careful.

Got any other ideas for how to reuse empty glass jars?  Please share in the comments section below!

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