Qatari TV Program "Stars of Science" Focuses on Environmentally Friendly Innovations

Image from the final episode of Stars of Science: Contestants run to Bassam Jalgha after being announced winner
(Image from the final episode of Stars of Science: Contestants run to Bassam Jalgha after being announced winner. Courtesy of Porter Novelli)

Stars of Science, a Pan-Arab television show focusing on innovate project ideas, was launched by the Qatar Foundation and Education City.  The program is a competition across Arab borders intended to locate and support the development of creative Arab innovations.

See the clip below to hear audience members discuss their views about Stars of Science:


In season one of the TV show, many contestants focused on an issue that is on lots of Middle East innovators’ minds – the environment.

While other contestants proposed automated tuning devices for musical instruments, mobile nutritional information devices for grocery shopping, oxygen-based beverages, and ergonomic keyboards to prevent fatigue, Mazen Salah of Jordan, Sarah Al-Sammak of Bahrain, and Hassan Deeb of Syria all came up with ideas that would help promote a healthier environment.

Mazen Salah, a 31 year old young man who has lived in Libya, Egypt, and Jordan, developed a device to be placed in cars in order to lower their internal temperature.  The device is intended to combat the problem of cars’ temperatures rising when parked out under the sun for long periods of time, which results in the internal temperature of the car rising and the release of toxic gases into the air.  Salah was very thankful for the opportunity that Stars of Science provided him and said that “I hope that we will one day have 1000 shows like Stars of Science, to help the innovative youth to bring their ideas to life.”

Sarah Al-Sammak, a 24 year old young woman, would like to help people view science as more “fun” and “entertaining.”  The innovation that she proposed on the TV show was Canito – an engaging can recycling device that communicates, thus encourages people to recycle.  She has wanted to create the machine since she was 15 years old, but due to her lack of an engineering background the project was not developed until she joined the show.

Hassan Deeb, a 22 year old currently studying marine engineering at the University of Wahran for Science and Technology in Algeria, used his time on the show to develop technology that uses wave energy to generate electricity.  This is accomplished by using propellors that the waves can move, leading to the storage of energy.  Deeb communicated his wish that the people of Syria and the Arab world turn over a new leaf in the field of education.

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