A Leaky Faucet Can Save You Money

faucetI noticed a drip coming out of the base of my kitchen sink faucet. It was only a few drops, so I procrastinated. Over time it grew more and more. I thought: “it’s just a few drops, it can’t be too bad.”

Finally I went out to the store to get a new faucet. When I saw the prices I blanched, and put it off some more. But finally, my conscience got to me and I bit the bullet and got the new faucet.

My next water bill was 1/3 what it had been, saving more in that month than what I had paid for the new faucet…

“Just a few drops” can add up a lot!

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3 thoughts on “A Leaky Faucet Can Save You Money”

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  2. Good to point to this. I like the tips you give.

    Here are some energy saving tips and cartoons. Every week a new one.


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