The Israel Electric Company Purchases Poo Power from Jerusalem

ancient Jerusalem sewage pipes
(In 1922 Jerusalem gets its first sewage system. YNet)

Jerusalem is a holy city which houses the country’s holiest people. Now their excrement will continue doing good work:

In the first deal of its kind for the country, the Israel Electric Company (IEC) signed an agreement on Sunday with Gihon, Jerusalem’s water and sewage firm, to purchase electricity generated from bio-gas resulting from the treatment of solid waste, reports the Jerusalem Post.

“It will produce enough electricity to light between 1,000 and 1,500 homes,” said Yisrael Bar-Gil, the CEO of Mabti, a Gihon subsidiary said. “We can eventually produce up to 50 percent more.”

Eitan Parnass, who head of the Association of Renewable Energy Companies in Israel, told the Jerusalem Post that “unlike wind or solar [energy], where storage is a problem, the gas can be stored for electricity production whenever needed.”

Plans call for collecting hydro-electric type energy from the sewage pipes as well.

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