Israeli Company Spotless Creates Sustainable Advertising For Roads

advertising on city streets photoUsually the advertising industry is not considered to be a very ecological industry. Think about  the amount of useless junk mail you get to your mailbox each day wasting tons of paper which most of it won’t be recycled. Think of all the huge advertising billboard posters on highways. Now think Eco-design. And specifically urban design.

There are new and innovative ways to promote brands and ideas in more sustainable ways that don’t generate waste or pollution. One way is to spread your ads on the dirty pavement by “cleaning it.” That’s right, water and pressure clean the dirt and leave a promotional ad.

The Curb uses this method to promote many brands (check out their photo gallery):

The company uses other methods like snow tagging, low grow of grass, solar art on wood, and snow models (not just castles…). And a couple weeks ago an Israel company, named Spotless (how appropriate) started a street campaign across Tel-Aviv to help support the cause of releasing the IDF soldier Gilad Shalit by “printing” this on the pavement:
sustainable advertising on city streets

“With each passing moment Gilad disappears,” having double meaning with the natural ads that fades away as it gets dirty again.

gilad shalit ad on road tel aviv photo

Next time you are planning a campaign be sure to think of the alternative methods for advertising.

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