DIY Heating: 2 Knitting Needles Studio

2 knitting needles studio israel photoThe winter months are fast approaching, and more of us are feeling the need to look for things to keep us warm – whether it be soup, sweaters, slippers, or socks.  And for those of us who are trying to be green, the more we can avoid using electricity and non-renewable energy for our heating needs – the better.

That’s where the 2 Knitting Needles Studio comes in.  Started by two women – Miri and Billi – the knitting studio attempts to approach the act of knitting both from a creative and a meditative angle.  While they certainly instruct on a variety of different knitting techniques and trends, they also understand the powerful meditative qualities of knitting.

And what better way to stay warm and to keep your loved ones warm than to wrap them up in a knitted piece of your creation?  Bye bye, space heater!  And as an added bonus, creating a scarf or blanket yourself eliminates all of the energy that would have been used to mechanically create and ship a regular, store bought scarf or blanket.

The 2 Knitting Needles Studio is based in Haifa, but has traveling workshops all over the country – such as in Tel Aviv and Nesher (in the north).  Special knitting workshops for groups of 6-8 women can also be ordered from the studio, which come in a package deal that includes supplies and instruction.

Check out this clip (in Hebrew) about the knitting studio below:


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  3. Linda says:

    Hi Samara,
    Can you tell me about the knitting workshop that you have with the “knitting sisters?”
    [email protected]

  4. Samara says:

    Thanks so much for uploading this. We now have a knitting workshop starting in Jerusalem, with these women.

    Thanks again,

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