Cicleta Sprint Bicycle Messengers Take Over Tel Aviv

A couple of months ago we wrote about how the Israeli Ministry of Tourism is investing millions of shekels towards developing clean, green, eco-friendly cycling tourism.  That’s great, but how can we make green transportation part of our everyday lives – and not just something we enjoy on the weekends or on vacation?  How can cycling replace some of our normal modes of transportation?

Tel Aviv is working on figuring that out.  Earlier this year we learned that Buddha Burgers – Tel Aviv’s delicious vegan burger joint – makes its food deliveries by bike or by foot.  And now, thanks to Cicleta Sprint – all kinds of deliveries within Tel Aviv or the greater Tel Aviv area can be made via bike messenger.

Cicleta Sprint is a group of people who love to cycle and who love to help people and the environment in the process.  (Check out Amitai, above, whose nickname is Speedy, and Shachar on the right.)

In avoiding potential traffic and the constraints of the road, the Cicleta Sprint bike messengers can usually get your package to its destination faster.  They also cut down on the carbon emissions associated with your delivery (creating, instead, sweat emissions – which are much better for the environment).  And added bonus: they’re a lot cheaper.

Cicleta Sprint bike messengers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be ordered by phone or by email.

Last we checked in 2022, Cicleta Sprint was long out of business. Wolt and 10bis drivers on electric bikes have taken over our city. The odd time we see a human powered bicycle out on a food run, but it’s very very rare. 

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6 thoughts on “Cicleta Sprint Bicycle Messengers Take Over Tel Aviv”

  1. Rivster says:

    How terrific! What a great way to marry efficiency and eco-reverance.

  2. Osnat Naor says:

    Just wish we had something like that in the greater Sharon area…

    Wonderful idea!

  3. Tel Aviv is perfect for bike messengers. The weather is great, the city is flat. And the traffic is so terrible. Finally, Kangaroo has a competitor.

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