Green Your Repentance

The Jewish Day of Repentance, Yom Kippur, is a day of introspection and self-evaluation. While doing so make sure not to sin in the green realm. On a day that no one showers and most people are out of the house for most of the day, in synagogue, there is a relatively low eco-print. But there are a few areas to be aware of:

  • Check ahead of time when the break will be and set your air-conditioner’s timer to match. It’s a shame to waste on such a day.
  • Same with lights, no need to leave them on the whole time. Many modern houses have timers int he fuse box. You can easily set your timers so that the waste in minimum.
  • On the flip side be careful not to be over-wasteful as well. While you will probably be hungry from not eating all day it is easy to over-compensate with wastefulness when one has been frugal the entire day.

While contemplating ways in which you can improve how you treat others think as well about how to improve your relationship with our home – Earth.

Have a meaningful fast!

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