Environmental Delegation Takes a Deeper Look at Israel's Complexities

Since 1982, the American Jewish Communities’ Project Interchange has been giving a first-hand introduction of Israel and its regional historical and contemporary challenges to current and future United States and international leaders. This past mission has been focused on the greens.

Just five weeks into the job Stephanie Hillman, Greenpeace Mediterranean’s brand new project director, came to check out one of the countries in her region of responsibility. Sonja Van Renssen, a Brussels-based journalist for ENDS Europe, an EU environmental policy news and analysis service, gave up her vacation to experience the region firsthand for the first time. Irish World Bank official Edward Cameron also joined the delegation. He was following up an academic interest in the Near East. Cameron is creating the World Bank’s first human rights and climate change program.

With Israel becoming a world leader in cleantech and other environmental issues we feel that it’s important that the players in the game are being brought to see the game-field.

Source: Jpost

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