Best Way to Defrost Food

The best way to defrost food is in the fridge. It not only keeps the fridge cool, meaning the fridge itself will use less energy to stay cool, but often people leave food out too long with defrosting which causes their food to collect unwanted bacteria.

Many other people use their microwave to defrost food. While it’s debateable whether microwaves are bad for your health it certainly is energy-wasteful.

The only problem with defrosting in the fridge is that you have to decide the night before what you would like to eat for the next day…

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2 thoughts on “Best Way to Defrost Food”

  1. About the microwaves:
    The health hazards of microwaves are at about the same level of “debatable” as the arguments of climate skeptics dismissing global warming.
    That is: should not be taken seriously

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