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garden produceFor the most part it’s usually better to buy local. This cuts out the emissions created as a result of shipping, getting the product to your door.
This is an important question: Is it better to buy biodegradable garbage bags that are manufactured in China? Or go with the one’s made a block away, that aren’t shipped around the world?
Keep this in mind when buying local; but for the most part, it’s best to cut out as much transportation as possible. Visit a farmer’s market nearby. Ask the vendors where they get their produce from. Another good source for finding locals is your neighborhood health-food store. Often you can find the inside scoop on where to get what.

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2 thoughts on “Buy Local”

  1. Good point! I hope the updated post is more helpful. If you have any good sources we’d be happy to hear about them!

  2. Safranit says:

    You are too general…of course we should buy local, but what does that mean? How do I know where my food products/cleaning products come from? How do I know where my bags come from?

    If this is supposed to be an Israeli site, please give us appropriate information for Israel.

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