Plastic Bags

SO you went to the store and forgot your reusable shopping bag, you folded under the pressure and took a plastic one so that you could bring your groceries home. I’m sure that this almost NEVER happens, but once in a while it does… What to do?


  • Store empty grocery sacks, rolled into empty cardboard paper towel rolls. They’re great for the car to use as disposable trash bags. Or in your diaper bag for an emergency.
  • Instead of getting newspaper print on your dishes when you move, plastic grocery bags can act as a great alternative to be used as a protective cushion when packing dishes or breakables.
  • Wearing dress shoes? Need to make a quick trip into the muddy garden? Use the bag as an over shoe!
  • Use grocery bags to line your trashcans around the house. It’s much easier to clean up the mess: just pick them up, tie the top and out they go.
  • Out of a dish-sponge? Use a bag! They work (almost) as good. The best part is that you can use them on shabbat (no squeezing issues)
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  1. i usually choose diaper bags which are made of recyclabe materials to help the environment not just your babies.~;”

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