Say Goodbye to Bottles

brita-green-prophet.jpgClean water is a human right, a life giving force that should be universally available and commonly owned and managed.

Right now, corporations pump billions of litres of water – water that belongs to everyone – out of underground aquifers each year and sell it back to us at a profit. Even worse, bottled water companies are also responsible for hundreds of millions of virgin plastic water bottles each year.

Bottled water also does not always have the same supervision and standards that tap water has. Often your tap is healthier than the plastic bottles of water you buy. If you don’t like the taste of your tap water, then filter it. Save on money, plastics and greenyourselfdaily!

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2 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Bottles”

  1. HannahCookingManager says:

    Not only that, the “reverse osmosis” systems waste huge amounts of water.

  2. Nahum says:

    Be careful with the so-called filtration systems. Sometimes they ofte provide fruitful sites for bacterial growth. Much better to get used to the taste.

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