Co-creator of the Eco-Footprint in Israel

Mathis Wackernagel, Phd, co-creator of the term ‘Ecological Footprint’, will be in Israel on Thursday, speaking at a Tel Aviv University Porter Environmental School presentation.

Wackernagel completed his doctorate in Community & Regional Planning at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, and his thesis research led to his development of the concept of the ecological footprint, roughly meaning human impact upon the world.

The theory becomes complex in terms of resource ‘streams’ and ‘offshoot’ (our overuse of the resources available to us), but has now entered common parlance worldwide. The main organisation promoting this concept, (of which Wackernagel is an advisor) Global Footprint Network, with their slogan ‘advancing the science of sustainability’, develop calculations for countries to assess their national ecological footprint, and offer solutions both to reduce, and mitigate this.

It is an important way to assess impact upon the environment, whether as a Country, as a City, or as an individual. Green Prophet salutes Wackernagel, and reccomends anyone who can to take this opportunity to hear him speak and explain it further.

Further information about the presentation: 03-6409149 or [email protected]

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