Buddha Burger’s vegan meat for Tel Aviv

Buddha Burger, alt meat burger

Update 2022: looks like Buddha Burgers is closed. We are keeping this article here for archive purposes. Enjoy looking back.

You wouldn’t think that a vegan burger joint would be able to draw a crowd in a city where shwarma stands, hamburger restaurants, and steakhouses run rampant.  But Tel Aviv’s Buddha Burgers proves that theory wrong.

And the name “Buddha” is right on – this place has karma like you wouldn’t believe.  Green karma, that is.

For starters, this burger joint is 100% vegan – meaning, no animal products whatsoever are offered on the menu.  No meat, no dairy, and no eggs.  This, in and of itself, is incredibly environmentally friendly since livestock production and the consumption of animal products contributes around one fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions.  And there’s no tradeoff on taste, for those of you who are hardcore carnivores – their burgers are delicious.

But there’s more.  If you want to order a Buddha Burger delivery to your apartment then they offer human-powered, emission-free deliveries.  The deliveries made from their Yehuda Halevy branch are by bicycle, and the deliveries made from the Ibn Gvirol branch are on foot.

If low-emission food is your thing, Buddha Burgers also offers a variety of raw food snacks which are healthier for both you and the environment.

Wait, it gets better.  The Yehuda Halevy branch is constructed from and decorated with reused materials.  Stools are made from old pipes, the walls are made of old olive oil tin boxes, and chairs are decorated with old newspapers.

Now that’s a burger I’d like to sink my teeth into.

Buddha Burgers: 21 Yehuda Halevy (03-5101222), 86 Ibn Gvirol (03-5223040)

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10 thoughts on “Buddha Burger’s vegan meat for Tel Aviv”

  1. Doug White says:

    How on earth can you have a business called ‘Buddha Burgers’ and not use the advertising phrase “Make me one with everything!”?

  2. Andrea says:

    This is a great Tel Aviv restaurant with such an innovative menu!! Even if you’re a meat lover, you can find something so tasty, not to mention more healthy, on the long, creative menu.


    1. My first experience at Buddha Burger was that it was great. Ate a couple more times … so so. Got delivery once – it was gross. Salad was stale and soggy. Didn’t feel the love in the food.

  3. Jade says:

    I love this place I’m lucky to live near to it! It was packed today at 2pm! I love the self service salad buffet- a concept hard to come by here in Israel (no, I don’t count the shwarma stand buffet as a buffet!)

    You have to try the vegan chocolate mousse- it is so clean and delicious…clean as in I don’t break out or phlegm up from eating it!

    @justin – I agree they should clean up the non-eco practices!

  4. Justin says:

    yeah – Karen – umm have you asked for a glass of water at Buddha Burgers? Did you order take away burgers? How about your salad?

    Woops – what’s that? I can’t hear you: That’s right your water comes in a disposable cup – and they still cant figure out that your take away burger can be eaten by hand – and anyway – in the case that you do need that cutlery – it still, like everywhere else in Israel it is still disposable and comes in a plastic pouch together with a napkin, salt and pepper…

    and try and get a glass for your water – and the staff look at you as if you are from mars…

    not so ecological after all…

  5. avi says:

    best of all, it’s excellent food! ……I’d recommend the Toast with vegan cheese and all sorts of extras, simply amazing.

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