Sarahle Organi – New Organic Restaurant in Tel Aviv

Sarahle Organi

Tel Aviv is offering organic food not only in form of vegetable boxes, or new organic grocery stores, but also in form of a brand new vegetarian restaurant.

Sarahle Organi is a cute place in Nachalat Benjamin that opened a few weeks ago.

The whole restaurant is very light and friendly and completely redesigned by it’s owner Schmulik, who is also the cook of this fabulous place. The restaurant is divided to a front part, with a bar and coffee tables and a back part, where you can sit on bigger tables.

The back door leads you to a small garden that offers you the opportunity to enjoy the dishes or your coffee in the sun.

In the summer the backyard will also host different events. Yoga lessons and movie nights are two happenings that are planned for the summer.

But now let’s finally talk about the food:

The menu offers you, next to several breakfast options and deserts, a special variety of vegetarian main dishes. I am sure that all of them are worth a try, but I want to recommend you two dishes, that are yummy, yummy, yummy!

The first meal that I want to recommend is a combination of three different types of Momo’s. Do you know these soft steamed dumplings that are tasty and wonderful light in your stomach? In Sarahle Organi you will get them fresh prepared, with homemade dough and filled with several surprises. Spinach, vegetables and Tofu are giving each of them a unique style.

But the peek of my first totally organic restaurant experience was an Indian flavored rice dish with buckwheat dumplings. You will simply LOVE it! The rice is enriched with broccoli and tofu and even though this is already worth a second portion, the dumplings are topping it. The buckwheat gives them a very special taste and because they are also crunchy, they became in a second my favorites.

Sarahle Organi is a mixture of comfortable living room and colorful playground where you can combine the good taste while reading one of the Yoga or “Good Life” magazines that you will find in the bookshelves. On every table and in every corner you will discover small details and surprises who are giving the restaurant a homely feeling. Next to the entrance for example, I saw the first hologram of my life. Just have a look if you find the round bowl with the Sarahle Organi Logo on top 😉

Before you leave don’t miss the desert! The fresh baked almond cookies go perfectly well with a tea or coffee and will give your healthy dinner a perfect ending.

For everyone that wants to enjoy a good, natural, vegetarian and organic cuisine for reasonable prices in a friendly atmosphere, Sarahle Organi is definitely the right address.

Sarahle Organi, Nachalat Benjamin 63, Tel Aviv,Phone: 050-4884422

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5 thoughts on “Sarahle Organi – New Organic Restaurant in Tel Aviv”

  1. Tina says:

    I Loved the food it was great I tell evereyone to go there.
    No one will be disappointed something for everyone.
    I was wondering if the store reads this I would love to order somethings from grocery store next door.please e-mail me in english if this is possible because.
    Thanks Hope to visit again.
    [email protected]

  2. james says:

    Thanks Claudia – can’t wait to check this place out ………..

  3. What other organic restaurants are there in Tel Aviv?
    LovEat, Humanature, and Abugail humus? The Black Hebrews shop on Dizengoff.
    Any more?

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