Is Green Hazardous?


Jewish blog, Jewneric made the claim the other day that “Going Green” May Be Hazardous to Your Health. Their argument in a nutshell is such:

Florescent lights contain mercury. Even though they save energy the mercury causes more damage to the environment, due to careless disposal, than the extra energy an incandescent gives off. Therefore they are more dangerous.

This is an important point but I would like to say that I disagree. I would like to recall what I wrote several months ago as Eco-Rabbi that “living green takes the same sort of awareness. Awareness of the beauty of nature, and not to destroy it, awareness of what you wear – was it created by slave labor? Awareness of the food you eat – is it healthy? Was the process for creating it bad for the environment?”

Sure mercury is bad for the environment, but it’s the lack of awareness that makes florescent lights bad. Being green is about living and learning. Becoming aware of possible dangers and properly avoiding them. If people take the time to dispose of their florescent bulbs properly. Problem solved. And we can save energy and not poison our landfills.

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2 thoughts on “Is Green Hazardous?”

  1. Jack Reichert says:

    Thanks Raspberry! Great Points!

  2. Raspberry Swirl says:

    Research conducted in the USA and Europe shows that on a lifecycle basis, individual CFLs are responsible for releasing less mercury into the environment than incandescent light bulbs. Mercury is a byproduct of coal-fired power generation, and since CFLs use much less electricity than an incandescent light bulb and last longer, they are responsible for less mercury pollution.


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