Eco-Chic: The Great Green Prophet Giveaway!


Yes folks, to celebrate the coming of spring, we here at Green Prophet have a great green giveaway!

Thanks to the kind people over at Sourcebooks Publishers (, we have 2 copies of ‘Green Chic: Saving the Earth in Style‘ by Christie Matheson to give away. See the recent Green Prophet review of ‘Green Chic’ here.

All you have to do is find out the answers to the following questions, based on our wonderful Green Prophet archive of great green posts; email them to us: james “at” asap, and the first 2 correct answers win the 2 copies.

If you are far away, we will post the prizes, but if you are in the vicinity, lets find a more eco-friendly means of delivery. And as with usual competition rules, family and partners of Green Prophets unfortunately aren’t eligible (but I will happily lend you my copy if you ask nicely…).

Good green luck to you all!


1: What is the name of the giant asteroid that pounded the sea off the Mexican coast?

2: Who is the environmental artist who created the installation ‘Orchard’ currently on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard?

3: Which material does researcher Jonathan Dayan believe will become the world’s new wood?

4: How much higher does Eco-Mum reckon that the nutrient levels in organic milk are, compared to non-organic milk?

5: Roughly how many units of CO2 emissions are used on a train journey from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv?

Photograph by the brilliantly talented Israeli photographer, Tamir Sher. Check out

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  1. congratulations to Brian from Jeru for winning a copy (he sent me all the correct answers within 40 minutes of the post going live!), but we still have 1 more copy of ‘Green Chic’ to give away: so as Peseach entertainment, read through our library of wonderful & varied posts, find the answers & win! Good luck!!! answers to james”at”

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