Israel’s Water at the Mercy of Heaven?

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It seems that we’ve been too spend-thrifty with our water and it’s all running out. By the end of this year, if we do not do something drastic the water levels will become so low that our natural water sources will become polluted.

What is our government doing towards a solution? “By the end of the summer, [the water level may be so low that] we may not be able to pump water out of Lake Kinneret at all,” Water Authority spokesman Uri Shor told The Jerusalem Post that until the next desalination plant begins working, “we are at the mercy of the heavens.” This desalination plant is only due to be completed by the end of 2009.

If we’re at the mercy of the heavens it seems that we were not found favorable this year. I sit this while sweltering in the middle of March. Well if we all die of thirst yet again our government does not have to worry about accountability since no one will be left.

Source: Jpost

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