Take a Ride with Cinderella on Project 'Pumpkin'



“I can’t wear that! It’s SOO last season.” Instead of trying to eternally keeping up with the Hiltons why not create you own fashion?

Well, now you can! Project Dlaat  (Project Pumpkin) is an environmental-social project. Its purpose is to promote recycling by providing second-hand clothing and channels the proceeds to different social purposes.

Established in May 2003, Project Dlaat has been selling its wears once a month at various cultural events including the Friday Crafts Fair on Emek Refaim. Based on the philosophy that one man’s trash is another’s treasure, Dlaat sells basically anything that one person might not want or need anymore, but another might hold dearly including: clothing, jewelry, household items, books or discs.

The money from the sales of these treasures have gone towards a wide range of causes like funding special outings for children in children homes (pnimiyot) to the zoo, a movie or ‘HaFestigal,’ or sending underprivileged children to summer camp. They have also provided dental dare for the needy and assisted needy families to buy major appliances as well as provided assistance to evacuees from Gush Katif and the Sudanese Refugees in Israel.

Why ‘Dlaat’? The name Dlaat comes from the tale of Cinderella. The dlaat is the pumpkin that turns into the carriage similar to the servant Cinderella’s torn and worn clothing which turned into a grand ball gown.  

The pumpkin is symbolic of the belief that everything that is neglected or undesired has in it the potential to change or to be wanted and desired by someone else or at a different time. Also, the round shape of the pumpkin and the wheels of the carriage represent the recycling of the items we give a new life to.

If you are interested in finding out more information, you would like to contribute clothing or items, you would like to offer an idea for a place to hold future sales or you would like to submit an idea for a worthy charity cause contact: Sara – 052-872-8216 or Osnat – 052-476-4430. Email: dlaat02 at gmail dot com

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