The Electric Car Hype Intensifies

[youtube][/youtube]We’ve been a little skeptical about the electric car project proposed by Shai Agassi. Israel relies still on heavily-polluting coal power plants; and a great deal of infrastructure will need to be put in place for this scheme to work.

Not to mention the fact that Israelis barely recycle.

That’s quite a jump from throwing trash out of one’s car to zipping along the highway in an electric one. Non?

But with a co-development deal signed by Renault and Nissan, it seems like Israel via Aggasi’s Project Better Place, will be the first country to manufacture and adopt electric cars en masse. Let’s hope all the hype gets investors interested in funding greener alternative energy optiona. Israel has achieved much in developing solar technology, but has yet to implement it.

As for electric cars – we can agree that Israel would be the perfect testing ground. The country is small, its people very opinionated, and the distance between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is perfect for test-driving the car.

Want more? See past prophecies here on Israel’s electric car (Electric Grid Car Project On Its Way?). And here (Can Only The Rich Save Our Planet).


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