Earthhackers from Israel

Sand StormThere has been a buzz in the news over the past few days. This buzzing is over how three Israelis have made it into an exclusive list of Scientific American’s ‘50 most significant scientific breakthroughs in 2007.’

Making that list is not our only ‘top’ accomplishment for this year. An Israeli scientist has also made it to a top spot on another top achievements list… to spot number four! Wired News has come out with a list of “The Year’s 10 Craziest Ways to Hack the Earth.”

This list rates the top ten extreme, and some might even say crazy, schemes developed to counteract global warming.

I would argue that some of them are actually quite practical, such as the vertical farming, however, some are a bit over the top. One of our brightest has suggested that one possible way to decrease the power of Hurricanes is by injecting dust into the Hurricane’s base.

While hypothetically it might work, I would say that it might only be an expression of his desire to share our lovely sharavs, sand storms, with the rest of the world…

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3 thoughts on “Earthhackers from Israel”

  1. Tab Petree says:

    Hurricanes are vital to the health of the earth. Even though that statement is true I grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast and Lost Everything in Hurricane Ike, so I guess the Earth still has the ability to wipe away the virus of Human Distruction, so I wouldn’t worry too much about us hurting Mother Nature but just the opposite.

  2. WHY would anyone want to stop a hurricane ?

    Sure it is destructive, but it is the mechanism by which the earth cools itself. Stopping hurricanes is stopping the redistribution of heat and the way by which the earth regulates heat from the middle lattitudes to the upper latitudes.

    What you need to figure it out is how to start a hurricane, because when the earth stops cooling itself with things like hurricanes, then we are all in big trouble.

    Who is to say that the BP oil spill is not an earth hack to mitigate Gulf of Mexico water temperatures or a means to re-oxygenate the ALREADY present hypoxic dead zone ?

    The BP Oil spill is helpful because it might bring attention to how the US Army Corps of Engineers dredged all the estuaries around the base of the Mississippi delta which led to lower densities of plant rooting systems which are one of the ways temperatures are lowered in Gulf surface waters as well as one of the protecting mechanical implements for hurricane categorization downgrade ( from CAT 4 to CAT 3 as an example )

    forget the hacks ! local warming yes, global warming is a sham from the financial district of London who are making carbon credits the next CDO credit default swap scam !! So much money is riding on that they are putting poor people out of work in Brazil and they are falsifying data to support claims.

    Break down the dams and that is the best and first Earth Hack effort since that dams impound water and speed up the precession of the earth in microseconds as well as lowered geochemcial erosion which uptakes carbon like in the Himalayas.

  3. Karin says:

    Jack, can you give us more details on the Israeli listed in the earthhacker list? Who is he and what did he propose? We want to know.


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