Why is it so important to have a good boiler installed in your home?

vintage boiler

Do you have an ancient, vintage boiler you can’t part with? Maybe it’s time to buy a new boiler?

Your boiler is the heart of your home. It’s responsible for everything, from heating your home in winter to running your hot water after a long day. A boiler failure can cause disruption and inconvenience in your day.

It is important to choose the right product and an experienced installer in order to get a reliable boiler.

The complexity of the job can affect the time it takes to install a boiler. Most simple swaps between like-for-like boilers can be completed in a matter of hours. Your requirements will determine the length and process of installation.

Companies like Boiler Central are gas boiler installation experts in all different types of installations in your home. 

After your installation

After your installer is done, you can start using your heating and hot water as you need them.

Annual boiler service is necessary to preserve the guarantee. An annual boiler service is required to maintain the guarantee. It involves a check of the boiler’s performance, safety, and installation. To schedule a service, we recommend that you contact the boiler installer to make arrangements. This can be done in the summer to avoid being caught cold during winter.

What about if you are moving home?

When you move house, the boiler should be one of your last thoughts.

However, replacing your boiler could increase the value of your home by up to £8,000. If you move into a house that has a new boiler, your heating bills will be very low.

This guide will help you remember all about heating, boilers, and energy when you are ready to move.

Before you buy, make sure to inspect the boiler

You’ll want to move into a house with a brand new boiler. Anything installed less than four years ago is an advantage.

You don’t want to have the boiler replaced as the first job in the new house.

Ask when the boiler was installed. These questions can be followed up on while you are talking about the boiler:

  • Who installed it?
  • What type boiler do you have?
  • When was the last time it was serviced? Get certificates to prove each service.
  • Is it still covered by warranty
  • Are you Gas Safe certified?

These questions will reveal how efficient and reliable your boiler is. You’ll also find the time you will need to replace.

To ensure that you don’t forget the date of the next boiler servicing, it is a good idea to write it down.

The vendor should be able provide you with a certificate indicating compliance to building regulations. This certificate was issued by the Gas Safe Register (OFTEC) at the time the boiler was installed. This will allow you to verify that the boiler was installed safely and in compliance with regulations.

You should make sure that you are covered

Another important consideration is to ensure that your boiler and central heating are properly covered.

For specific instructions, check with the company that offers your current coverage. It is a smart idea to purchase boiler insurance if you’re moving to a home you own. It will provide support in the event of a boiler breaking down or causing problems

Can my boiler be moved to my new home?

This could theoretically be possible. However, it is not the best idea.

It’s better to make sure the house you are moving into has an updated condensing boiler. It is important that your property has an efficient and reliable heating system. A new boiler can help increase the property’s value.

What can a new boiler do for your house?

A new condensing boiler can add up to £8,000 to your home’s value.

Potential buyers will be attracted to a new boiler. Potential buyers won’t need to replace their boiler for many years. A more efficient boiler will also mean lower heating bills.

It’s definitely worth it. It’s especially attractive when you consider that you would only need to pay between £1,000-£3,500 to replace a boiler.

Can I sell my house because my boiler is in danger?

Boilers that have been condemned can pose a danger to your health. If you live with a condemned boiler, replace it.

Even if your boiler is condemned, you can still sell your home. However, this could reduce the property’s value by a significant amount. You must inform the buyer that it is illegal to do so.

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