Injuries and Accidents at Hotels: When are Hotels Liable?

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Planning an eco trip to Dubai or a far away location and experience an injury. Know your rights but also what might go wrong.

Staying at a hotel should be a safe experience, but accidents and injuries can happen. When someone is injured at a hotel, they may wonder if it’s possible to hold the hotel liable and obtain compensation for the injuries. To do this, it is important to show that the hotel had a duty to keep visitors safe, that the hotel breached that duty, and that the breach led to the person’s injuries. There are a variety of accidents that can happen at hotels, and it may be possible to show the hotel is liable in each of these situations. 

Slip and Fall Accidents

Hotels must keep common areas clean and safe for travelers, along with making sure it’s safe to walk around in the rooms. If someone slips or trips in the hotel and is injured, the injured person may want to speak with local injury attorneys to see if the hotel is liable. If the person trips and falls over their own belongings in the hotel room, it’s not likely the hotel is liable. If, on the other hand, the person slips on a puddle that wasn’t cleaned up in the lobby, the hotel could be liable. 

Swimming Pool Injuries

Swimming pools are a huge risk, and not just because of drowning. When operating a public swimming pool hotels must take precautions to make sure the water is safe for swimmers. If the pool is not taken care of properly, the result can be chemical burns from the water, germs and respiratory illnesses, and a lot of other risks. If someone becomes ill while staying at a hotel and believes it may be due to improper pool care, they can speak with a lawyer. 

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Broken or Damaged Furniture

Furniture should be kept in good condition in a hotel room. If a guest breaks the furniture and then is injured, the hotel may not be liable. On the other hand, if the furniture isn’t cared for properly or replaced when it is broken and the guest is injured, it’s possible the hotel can be held liable for any injuries. It is important for anyone who is injured by broken or damaged furniture to look into whether they have a claim for compensation. 

Criminal Activities

Hotels have a duty to keep guests as safe as possible. There are many different types of crimes common at hotels that travelers should be aware of and protect against.  If these crimes occur and the guest is injured or has items stolen from them, it may be possible to hold the hotel liable. The hotel may be liable and owe the guest compensation if they failed to protect against potential crimes, such as by having security on-site if help is needed. 

Foodborne Illnesses

Food preparation and storage must be done according to food safety regulations. If food safety best practices aren’t followed and a guest becomes sick, the hotel may be liable. The hotel wouldn’t be liable for illnesses resulting from food the guest brought into the hotel and cooked themselves or that they ate elsewhere. 

Staying at a hotel should be a safe and fun experience, but accidents and injuries can happen. When they do, it’s possible that the hotel can be held liable and the guest can receive compensation for their damages. To find out more about your situation, contact a lawyer now. 

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