Expert tips to remove birds from your solar panels

birds on solar panels

Noticing birds under your solar panels is horrible for all involved, and sometimes, it can be difficult to spot before the infestation is large. Unfortunately, when you notice a bird issue, it’s probably now a significant infestation, and the risk of diseases and damage will have multiplied. So we spoke to an expert to help put together the best tips to prevent birds and stop issues under your solar panels.

#1 – Clean from top to bottom

The first step to prevent the chance of pests ever taking a fancy to your solar panels is to make sure they are as clean as possible. Problems tend to thrive in environments that are dirty and have food lying around in the garden. Start by keeping your garden spotless, as this will limit the food source for birds. Then, make sure to work your way around other areas where food may be available such as the bushes and bins. Professional cleaning products have strong anti-bacterial properties, which will make surfaces unsuitable for birds to live off. Cleaning is one-stop for many in the challenge of stopping birds visiting your solar investment; you also need to follow other steps mentioned throughout this article.

#2 – Choose a professional company

The second tip we would recommend would be to contact a professional pest control company to get rid of the birds. If cleaning your garden has not helped, a professional will understand how to remove the creatures with the best possible impact. London’s top pest control company,, suggest that performing bird control by yourself is extremely dangerous. You take the risk of falling, or if you have allergies, then you may become seriously ill due to build up of nesting material and poo. A professional will control the population living at your home and have access to some techniques that are not available to the public.

#3 – Secure all ingress points

birds are known to gain access to a solar panels by entering through entry holes, or as professionals call it, ingress points. This opening allows birds to access solar panels, and the most common places that they tend to be located include cracks and crevices around the side of the panels. Check all of these areas for potential holes that pigeons, seagulls, jackdraws and other birds may gain access to. Smaller birds don’t need big holes to be able to gain access.

#4 – Natural pest control methods

You may have heard of some old wives tales, such as using strong-smelling oils, vinegar and herbs. Many of these natural pest control methods can be effective if used in the right situation and with the correct bird. For example, using coffee grounds in areas outside your home where you may locate birds. Most birds hate the smell of coffee, so it can put them off from visiting again.

Ultimately, when it comes to using natural remedies, you will have to try a few different options before finding one that might work effectively. However, if you already have a substantial infestation, there is a good chance that no natural method will work, and you will have to refer back to tip #2 to find a professional to complete the removal.

#5 – Take your trash out often

One of the most common issues that cause birds to infest your home is the build-up of food sources. If rubbish builds up in your garden, it’ll likely produce a strong smell, and it will attract birds, and with bird problems comes diseases. So make sure to take your rubbish out often and make sure it is completely sealed. Leaving outside rubbish storage open allows for a food source for birds meaning they will use your garden as a place to feed.

If possible, we would recommend storing waste away from your home and taking it to a recycling plant if you can, which will result in stopping any birds from being attracted to your property in the first place

#6 – Buy bird scarers

Bird scarers are often an afterthought when it comes to treating solar panel infestations. However, birds can be scared of these bird scarers. Often, bird scarers can work very well, so check out amazon or ebay and get yourself a couple. Again, this method is not guaranteed and the only true way to remove birds from under solar panels is to use a professional proofing company.

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