How to Create Your Ideal Body Care Routine?

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Creating an ideal body care routine might seem like a challenge at first. After all, you’re not a professional.

What if something goes wrong? What if you use the products in the wrong sequence and have a worse-than-before situation to deal with? These thoughts can be quite terrifying!

But, please calm down. 

Caring for your body is just like caring for your face! All you require is persistence, dedication, and some high-quality products. Now, go grab the natural deodorant, some towels, and hop into your bathroom.

It’s time for a relaxing body care session!

STEP1: Remove the Dirt

The initial most step is to remove dirt and debris from your skin.  Throughout the day, a lot of pollutants cover our skin.  Once settled, these can irritate your skin and lead to problems like acne.

So, the removal of dirt is important. You must also clean any form of cream, perfume, lotion, and product. Some products may not be visible, but they are still there. Ensure that your skin is clear of all sorts of residues. 

Use a gentle soap or body wash for cleaning.

STEP2: Exfoliate Your Body

Our bodies discard worn-out and dead skin cells all the time. If left uncared for, these dead cells accumulate to form dark patches on your skin. So, our next step for an ideal body care routine is to exfoliate. 

(Exfoliation is a fancy term for removing dead skin cells from your body.) Begin by using a scrub and loofah. Gently rub the scrub on your body and move it in a circular motion.

(Tip) Always Use High-quality Skincare Products

The type of scrub used greatly affects the results of exfoliation. A low-quality product will not remove dead cells. Instead, it will irritate your pores.

Moreover, avoid scrubs with abrasive ingredients like walnuts. You can make organic, homemade body scrubs as well using ingredients like:

  •                     Brown sugar
  •                     Olive oil
  •                     Peppermint oil essentials

Always invest in skincare products from reputable brands. CVS Pharmacy is one such reliable and well-known place to purchase high-grade body scrubs. You can find a plethora of quality body care products there. And in case you’ve already purchased anything from them, you can also leave feedback at and get your experience recorded!

STEP3: Toning & Balancing

Toners are water-like liquids that penetrate your skin.  It removes any leftover dirt to give you that sparkle, hydrates skins, and brings out the glowing, one-tone look.

You must use the toner after exfoliation. Toners work best when the skin is slightly wet. Take out a few drops and dab on your body.

(Tip) Use Self-tanners instead of Tanning Beds

Yes, we all love that shiny bronze look of tanned skin. But, do not use tanning beds no matter what because of their cancerous nature. Nowadays, a lot of self-tanning creams and products are available.

Simple, rub a considerable amount of the product for some time on your body and rinse. And, you will get an amazing one-tone, tanned body.

STEP4: Do not forget Hydration

Lastly, hydrate your skin using a quality moisturizer. It softens the skin and prevents any excessive water loss. Hence, completing your ideal body care routine. However, remember to use moisturizer while the skin’s still slightly wet. Let it absorb before putting on clothes.

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