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Dream of being an environmental activist or lawyer? These schools have what counts when it comes to eco education.

One of the most discussed subjects in the XXI century is environmental issues such as global warming, water, and air pollution, and biodiversity loss threatens all spheres of life on the planet and leads to irreversible changes in the ecosystems and resilience. A lot of educational institutions support environmental initiatives in order to become the “green” and address all-natural problems with such valuable resources as energy, water, and materials as they want to build a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly society. Universities grow the new generation, and it is crucial to lay the foundation in the minds of young people and develop the feeling of social responsibility and value of natural resources. Many of them define these demands and invest in greener buildings, products, and ways of engaging staff and students. In this article, you will find 10 of the best universities that support environmental initiatives.

Arizona State University

One of the leaders in the environmental initiatives and research of the ecological situation and climate changes in the USA. ASU takes serious commitment through the usage of circular resources, optimization of food and water consumption, collaborative and personal action, and awareness. It is also one of the first institutions in the United States that generated over 25 megawatts of solar energy. ASU is making an effort to accomplish carbon neutrality and become the largest research university in the area with the help of students’ desire to participate in learning this discipline.

Colorado State University

CSU is committed to the environment and global sustainability. In 2008, on the base of the university, was created a campus-wide school that addresses environmental challenges through broad research and other initiatives that welcomes students who are ready to make their contribution into environmental research and get the better of such issues as food and water security, poverty, inequality, energy, climate changes, biodiversity, globalization, industrial ecology, etc.

University of Maryland

At the base of the University of Maryland was established the center for Environmental Science and created the Environmental Sustainability Council that provides leadership, advice, and assistance in the enhancement of environmental sustainability. The students can research to understand the consequences of environmental changes on the usage of natural resources and the rehabilitation of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

American University

The American University develops the culture of sustainability through a number of outreach and student organizations. With green buildings that incorporate energy-efficient technologies, conscious consumption that involves zero waste, usage of solar energy, and increasing environmental awareness. The role of students in establishing an eco-friendly atmosphere and researching the environment is crucial. A lot of students are writing research papers and developing projects on this matter. Sometimes, it gets difficult to outline the findings and it is better to go to custom report writing to get help from the professionals. A lot of students’ research works were used to engage the community in the green initiative and raise the consciousness of the new generation.

University of California, San Diego

The UCSD makes efforts with environmental initiatives in multiple ways. The main goals include achieving zero waste, carbon neutrality, deliberate water, and food consumption, LEED certification for all new and renovated buildings. The university designed programs to educate students and employees on ways to make their daily work and living practices more sustainable.

Cornell University

Cornell University pays a lot of attention to eco-awareness and provides a lot of courses that teach the environment and sustainability issues and help to obtain the fundamental understanding of environmental science and environmental studies perspectives. There is a number of students’ groups that discuss the eco problems, energy-saving initiative, efficiency of powering, food expenditures and waste diversion.

Furman University

The university strives to create a sustainable future and pushes action for a minimization of environmental impact with the help of infrastructure changes, research, and sustainable food practices using the complex and holistic approach to the problems. 

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota at Morris includes a broad range of initiatives including renewable energy, zero waste, and sustainable construction and renovation. Students play a vital role in solving ecological problems and based on that, the activists established the Ecostation for education, research, and creative activities for investigating climate change, agriculture, and energy independence.

Appalachian State University

Sustainability in ASU is not a trend, but a habit because the university management is concentrated on giving the proper knowledge and developing the feeling of social responsibility in students, and broadcast these ideas via different communication channels such as Sustainability Podcasts, Sustainable Living Guide, Zero Waste Commitment, and University’s Strategic Plan.

Chatham University

One of the “green” universities that aim to initiate the students to launch the sustainability projects that will lead to carbon neutrality, decrease the total electricity usage and turn to renewable energy from solar panels, wind stacks, and turbines, eliminate the sale of plastic water bottles and change the transport to bikes.

The movement of being “green” is growing bigger and most educational institutions support the idea of being eco-friendly and grow the new breed of conscious people who are ready to re-think and change the planet for the better. Every university can become “green” with small steps such as using sustainable building practices, generating energy, waste disposal, and recycling, conscious consumption of goods and food, green transport, dissemination of information to increase the awareness of this subject. Our mission is to reconsider the attitude to the resources we have and make our small steps on the way to a greener planet.

Author’s bio: Paul Calderon works for ecology consultancy and writes articles for online resources. He also shares information about environmental initiatives within educational organizations. Paul participates in the volunteer programs as he really strives to learn more about climate and weather changes.

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