Car Detailing: Everything You Should Know About It

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Maybe you want to start a coffee van or a mobile business that is also eco. Car detailing is important for your brand.

Unfortunately for many people, “car detailing” means simple car maintenance. But car detailing is so much more than ‘usual cleaning of your car’. 

Detailing is a process to restore the vehicle to “as new condition” after the car has gone through daily wear and tear. 

A professional car detailing process starts with various types of washing like:

  • Simple Washing: Wet sponge vehicle and hose off
  • Wash and dry: Washing with chamois dry-off
  • Wash and Vacuum: Washing, plus an interior vacuum

If you’re confused about car detailing and want to know how it can prolong your car’s life for good, continue reading this article. 

Common Car Issues That may Require Detailing

  • Overspray: This can be visually noticeable or felt by running your hand over the bodywork and observing a sandpaper effect. This is usually caused by airborne paint residue settling on your paintwork and glassed areas.
  • Paint blotching: Usually an irreparable condition mainly caused by the breakdown of the pigment due to age and neglect. Normally rectification involves a repaint of the affected areas.
  • Oxidization (faded paintwork): Vehicles oxidize within 60 days of being painted. The Ultraviolet rays from sunlight cause oxidation. This is particularly noticeable when vehicles have not had regular maintenance and upkeep to the painted surfaces – they are basically sunburnt. Regular polishing puts back moisture into the paintwork.

Various Types of Car Detailing Processes


This step involves hand-applied polymer in addition to simple washing. If not performed correctly, the finish can suffer from “swirl marks,” which are particularly hard to remove and detracts from the appearance of your vehicle. 

It can be rectified but may involve a long process. A polish will only last 2 to 3 months, depending upon how the vehicle is stored/garaged.

Note: A Polish will not remove scratches. Retail polishes may contain fillers which temporarily give the illusion that the scratches have been removed. Still, after just a few washes, the filler is gone, and the scratches will reappear.

Machine Cut & Polishing

This is a 2 stage process with a multi-speed buffing machine (this takes years of experience). It is best recommended to be done by a car mechanic. 

Some amateurs consider that maximum results can be achieved by hand application as they simply do not have the expertise, knowledge, or equipment to achieve a professional result (uniform results cannot be achieved by hand application). 

This process removes dullness, oxidization, minor scratches, scuffs, and most forms of industrial fallout.

Using Protective Sealants

Protective Sealants are professionally applied glaze containing “Temperaflex,” a nonstick all-climate sealant with the ability to absorb ultraviolet rays eliminating oxidation. 

Sealants are not polishes. They form a rock hard shield to magnify luster and repel foreign matter. Do not confuse sealants with paint protection, as most protections simply do not work effectively. In harsh climatic conditions, sealants help protect your vehicle’s investment!


This is the process for washing, cleaning, and extraction, removing all embedded dirt, grease, body fat, and many other natural contaminants from the seats and carpet areas by using high-powered professional equipment. 

Do not confuse this with dry cleaning, which only removes surface spotting. 

Note: Dog hair removal is a separate process, requiring a special appliance. Also, removing human and pet accidents is a different process requiring the killing of any resultant bacteria.

Detailing of Leather Upholstery

Cleaning a car seat’s leather upholstery involves removing most embedded soil, food stains, and other stains from virtually all car fabric. Conditioning moisturizes the leather and helps to maintain its soft luxurious feel, reducing its aging and cracking.

snFinal Word

Detailing is an important process to ensure your car keeps working in top-notch condition. You may also come across a damaged car part that needs immediate replacement. Consider doing so by visiting a trusted car parts dealer online, like


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