The Hidden Dangers Of Having Water Leaks

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Thanks to Covid many of us have fled the rent of cities and have bought homes in Vermont or somewhere in the country. This is a must especially if you have kids. Sooner or later, you will end up having to deal with a water leak in your home. It happens to us all, from the US to Australia where it’s now a wet winter. Most homeowners simply ignore leaks, especially when they are small. I always hope they will just go away on their own and sometimes they do. But even a simple dripping water faucet can lead to some problems and dangers and well, it’s really not eco-responsible all the same. Some leaks eventually lead to large leaks and huge headaches that require emergency plumbing. And that’s no fun. There are piles of resources on emergency plumbing online. Here is one resource.

So let’s say you want to stay one step ahead of calling a plumbing ambulance. Here ere are some hidden dangers that appear when you have a water leak in your home, and most of them aren’t pretty or healthy.

Mildew And Mold Issues

Mildew and mold are very dangerous and almost always appear if the water leak is not quickly taken care of. They simply appear and grow in areas that easily build up moisture, wet areas, and in damp places. Just a few water drops daily will create damp spots that are a perfect growing environment for mold. 

Mold will spread to various parts of your home, like walls, floors, furniture, wood framing, the HVAC system, carpets, and clothes. Remember that mold can be really toxic, and if you do not remove it fast, it becomes more and more difficult and costly to deal with. 

Health Effects

This is directly connected with the appearance of mildew and mold. These growths can hurt the structural integrity of the home but also pose a really serious health risk. This is especially the case when you suffer from asthma or respiratory issues. Spores can easily cause skin irritations, allergic reactions, throat inflammation, nose inflammation, red eyes, itchy eyes, coughing, and more. You can also read this guide on what to expect during mold remediation.

Water contamination

When the leak comes from a broken or burst pipe, one that is carrying drinking water, you can end up faced with contamination because various contaminants enter the pipe. This is easy because there is a pressure drop or change that leads to attracting the contaminants. As an example, the pipe can end up sucking the water coming from the environment, together with all the particles in it. 

Increased Utility Bills

When water keeps leaking, your water bill is higher than it should be. This is also the case with energy consumption when you have electrical devices that use water. Also, when water damages home insulation, the HVAC system will need to spend more electricity on heating up or cooling down the environment. Leaks can reach your ceiling, attic, or roof. There, it can damage insulation much faster than you might think. Cold and warm air is thus lost, and you pay more for heating and cooling bills. 

Structural Damage

We naturally see water as a harmless substance. After all, it cannot really hurt us when just a few drops hit our skin, right? How can a small leak destroy a house? Well, this is possible when the leak is not taken care of at the right time. 

Plumbing and roof leaks can easily cause drastic structural damage to ceiling joists, wall framing, rafters, framing, and deteriorate wood. As a result, you will need to deal with a really extensive and costly repair. This is why it is always mentioned that you have to detect water leaks as soon as possible when the leaks are small so that the damage that appears is salvageable. 

Fire Hazard

This is another thing we normally do not think about. How can water cause a fire hazard?

Water leaks can easily turn into a fire hazard when it reaches or is near areas with some electrical wiring present. This drastically increases the risk of creating short circuits or shorted wires. This can lead to electrical fires, which would naturally create serious home damage. Always turn off your electricity as soon as you notice the presence of a leak close to electrical wiring.

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