7 Unique Gifts For The Husband Who Is Really Hard To Shop For

One thing that most of us women will agree to is that it is genuinely hard to shop for husbands! They say they have everything, and that leaves us stuck.

With the holiday season already here, we know that you will surely want to gift your dearest husband with something really smart and useful. So here are 7 of the most splendid gift ideas curated keeping in mind a wide range of preferences.

Cannabis Vaporizer

Does your man consider himself as a cannabis connoisseur love to vape? Then the trendy DaVinci IQ2 Premium Vaporizer will be your best bet! It is portable and comes with dual vaporizers and can be used two ways – for dry herb and extracts. The best part of this premium quality vape product is it used Clean FirstTechnology. DaVinci Vaporizers are made of medical-grade material giving the user a flavor choice optimal flavor and complete control over his vaping abilities for his desired cannabis experience. And with temperature precision and airflow adjustment, it is one of the smoothest and easiest most advanced vaporizers in the market to use to date. One thing that helps this product stand out is that it comes with useful tools such as On-device Dosage and In-App tracking that gives the end-user the ability to craft and control his cannabis intake to track and report per draw and session dosages. Your man will surely be left impressed!


  • Clean First TechnologyPortable
  • Dual-use vaporizer – Dry Herb and Extracts
  • Flavor choice Air Dial for Adjustable Air Flow
  • Complete Control
  • Precision Temperature Control precision
  • Airflow adjustments
  • In-app and On-device Dosage Tracking

App to track and report dosing details

Smart Beard Trimmer

Keeping a chic beard can make any man look more dapper. A wet/dry beard trimmer is therefore a great choice! This device is not only efficient but also very quick and handy. Besides, it comes with different personalized settings that help in sculpting the beard just to your liking! (Yes, he secretly seeks validity from you) A beard trimmer that he can use on both dry and wet beard ensures a quick and smooth trimming experience anytime and anywhere. He can use it in the room for touch-ups or in the bathroom without the cord. And it even fits snugly into his travel bag and is very easy to clean.


  • Trims with precision
  • Have the perfect edge for a smooth experience
  • Different trimming settings for convenience
  • Have comb to cut flat beard hair perfectly
  • Good grip
  • Can trim both wet and dry hair
  • Easy maintenance
  • Perfect size for keeping in travel bags

Men’s Cologne Sampler Set

Don’t you love it when your man applies a lovely cologne and smells irresistible? Well, then you might want to gift him a rich cologne fragrance. If you are confused, then the easiest way out here is to go for a sampler set that comes with various samples of wonderful men’s cologne that your husband would surely love. He can choose his favorite fragrance from the lot, take the sample to any store like Sephora, and redeem a full-sized product at no additional cost. 


  • Different sample sets
  • Comes with a handy travel bag
  • A full product can be redeemed without any additional cost

Weighted Training Vest

Is your husband in love with his fitness regime? Well, then with a weighted training vest, he can amp up his fitness game to the next level. It is ideal for wearing during strength and cardio exercises, increasing body weight, and improving body endurance. He can ideally use it during weighted pull-ups, sit-ups, planks, lunges, and wear it comfortably using the adjustable strap. It is comfortable, durable, and with proper usage, can last for many years. A branded weighted training vest helps in distributing weight throughout, thereby preventing problems like a particular body part getting more strained while working out.


  • Distributes weight efficiently
  • Ideal for wearing during strength and cardio exercises
  • Adjustable strap for better comfort
  • Durable


Earbuds are one of the most trending and useful gifts this season. Whether your man loves listening to music while working out, or if he has an urgent ZOOM call, earbuds can help him with it all. These earbuds are comfortable, lightweight, and offer an uninterrupted music hearing experience for several hours. Choose a pair that can be connected via Bluetooth to any smartphone and filter out unwanted background noises. Tech-savvy or not, this smart gifting option is sure to impress your dear hubby!


  • Great for calls and music
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Great designs
  • Compatible to both Android and iOS
  • Several hours of uninterrupted music

Micro personal vaporizer 

Again a chic vaporizer Another premium vaporizer from the house of DaVinci, the DaVinci MIQRO Personal Vaporizer is bound to be a trendy gift for vaping enthusiasts. It looks very sleek and stylish, which would add to the vaping experience. If your husband prefers loose-leaf vaporizers, then you cannot give this one a miss. It is sophisticated and perfect for your lifestyle. This vaporizer is equipped with everything you would ever need- flavor, quality, and precision. It is a premium product which is small yet effective, and this makes this wonderful equipment one of the most popular products in the market. If your husband is a light cannabis user and wants to micro-dose, then no other vaporizer can beat this wonderful creation.


  • Perfect for light vaporization
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Great for loose-leaf vaping
  • Sleek and small design
  • Good quality premium vaporizer

GoPro Camera

If your man loves making videos about his experiences, then he is going to love the GoPro camera! A GoPro camera is a dream for anyone who loves capturing memories on-the-go, no matter what the situation is. Choose a model that comes with a powerful camera for producing good quality videos, and can be connected to Wi-Fi. Make sure the one you choose is waterproof and can easily be mounted on a tripod. This way, your man can capture incredible videos using the action camera, and also take advantage of night recording, should you happen to go on a night camping or barbecue party. Here’s to making loads of fun memories and capturing them on videos!


  • High resolution camera
  • Wi-Fi-enabled
  • Waterproof 
  • Powerful battery
  • LCD touch screen


With these amazing gift ideas, you surely won’t get a chance to complain about buying something splendid for your dearest man. And the best thing is, you can watch him glow with happiness at your choice of gift for him!

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