Using coronavirus as a restart button for living a sustainable lifestyle

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The spread of SARS-CoV-2 has drastically affected the lives of people globally. Some have said that it has shown the worst of people, from hoarding toilet paper, alcohol, and sanitizers to taking advantage of the pandemic for their personal gain. However, the coronavirus has also had some positive effects. By forcing people to stay in their homes, there is less pollution. It’s been an effective way to let the world heal. We, as individuals, can even use the crisis as a reset button for our lives and use it as a means to live sustainably. Aside from making sure that you have a green home, here are some ways you can achieve this:

Limit the Use of Paper Goods

Do you notice how people flocked to grocery stores and hoarded as much toilet paper as they could at the start of the pandemic? It was the first time these grocery aisles ever ran out of toilet paper. Since there is a shortage of it, people are now more conscious of how they consume toilet paper and other paper goods. And if you think about it, before the virus spread, we didn’t even think about how many paper goods we consumed on a daily basis. We can use this crisis as a reminder of how we can be more conscious of our paper usage. Perhaps, we can learn from Asian nations where they hardly use toilet paper.

Limiting Commute

Before COVID-19 hit, many businesses said people couldn’t work from home. Now, it has become the norm. Enterprises are now considering making work from home an option. If you are a business owner, you should start thinking about how limiting the commute of your workers can help them contribute to living sustainably. It would be much more economical on your part, and you can help the environment by limiting the cars driving on streets and consuming gas.

Shopping Sustainably

After many countries imposed lockdowns, people are now seriously looking at buying only the essentials. As such, you can use this crisis as a time to rethink your shopping behavior and solely focus on what you need. It would also be ideal to use this time to consider buying healthier food items, such as more fruits and vegetables. Since it is harder to go out now and buy groceries, many have started their own home gardens where they can grow their food.

Supporting Local Sellers

Perhaps one of the good things that the coronavirus has brought is the growing support for local companies. There is a huge appreciation for local sellers and suppliers that continue to provide for their neighborhood. Farmers can now sell their goods directly to people. Local water and energy companies are lowering their water and electricity rates to help people better cope with the crisis. Building a local network can help you live a sustainable life. How? By realizing that you are not alone in this crisis. In the past it was easy to get lost in a fast-paced lifestyle where we forgot to say hi to our neighbors. Now that most people are confined in their homes, they have more time to look out and realize the great people we used to take for granted.

This Too Shall Pass

While disasters and crises will pass, how we come out of them will define our future. Use this time to self-analyze and see how you are going to adjust to a new lifestyle when this is all over. Living sustainably should not be short-lived. Make sure it becomes your new lifestyle, and you’ll never regret it.

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