The Best Ways to Keep Your Employees Focused and Productive in 2020

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It seems counter-productive, but getting your employees on a retreat in nature, forest bathing, meditating, silent retreats… they return happier and more productive, we mean doing more in less time, in a more positive workplace.

Many employers are forced to constantly deal with issues involving focus and productivity – and it is just getting worse. At times the problem may be systemic, and stem from the workplace culture.

However in other cases it could be something simpler. For example businesses nowadays often have to deal with the disruption of workflow by cellphones.

Trying to keep your employees focused and productive may seem like a gargantuan task – and in some ways it is. But it is far from impossible, and there are some very effective ways that you can try to accomplish your goal this year:

  • Set clear expectations

At any given point in time your employees should know exactly what is expected of them. If they aren’t aware of your expectations, it will be impossible for them to focus.

Be transparent about it, and outline exactly what you want your employees to do and what your goals for them are. Notify them about any measures you’ll be taking to make sure they stay on track.

  • Monitor employees with WorkExaminer

Using WorkExaminer will let you track how your employees are spending their time at work. It will let you find out exactly what they’re doing at any given time, what apps they’re using, which websites they frequent, and much more.

Simply put it is an all-in-one employee productivity monitoring solution. Be sure to take advantage of its features to ensure your employees aren’t wasting time, and to flag any that may not be focused on their tasks.

  • Reward good work

One way to encourage your employees to be more focused and productive is to incentivize it. Set up a system that rewards employees that perform well, and make it a point to follow through.

The rewards could be something as simple as acknowledging their contribution publicly. Or it could be something more along the lines of an ‘employee of the month’ award that has a more tangible reward.

  • Plan an annual retreat

An annual retreat may not seem like the best way to increase productivity – but it is definitely worth it. Retreats will give your employees the chance to kick back, relax, and more importantly – bond with their team members.

By giving them a short break and building closer bonds, when they get back to work their focus and productivity should be far better.

  • Emphasize a good work-life balance

Try to take steps to emphasize a good work-life balance. By encouraging your employees to take care of themselves and get in some rest and relaxation, you can reduce stress levels, prevent burnouts, and increase efficiency.

In the long term not only will this help improve focus and productivity on a consistent basis, but it should also make it easier for you to recruit and retain good talent.

Now that you have some ideas that you can use to improve productivity and focus, take a moment to sit down and think which you’d like to start implementing. The impact may not be easy to see at first, but if you keep at it then it is safe to say that you’ll notice the difference.

Always keep in mind that focus and productivity is not just about hard work. It encompasses more than that, and you need to take into account the workplace culture, environment, and relationships too.

In other words, you should look at the ways listed above as the best first steps that you can take to keep your employees focused and productive in 2020. Subsequently you should build on that foundation further, and look for different tactics that you can use to augment it.

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