4 Ways to do Your Bit for Sustainable Travel

eco travel on a bike land in holland

In today’s time of green awakening, it is needed by all to be conscious about living sustainably. It does not only mean leaving a lower carbon footprint at home but in every aspect of life, including travel. Begin green travel by making smarter choices about the way you travel and the things you do during your trip. Follow these handy tips to keep your carbon footprint light on your next holiday.

1. Stay in eco-friendly places

Eco-friendly accommodation is the current rage amongst travelers and hoteliers, with the industry looking to make carbon-neutral stays. Today, many places offer stylish eco-friendly luxury villas that are modern, comfortable and still conscious about their carbon footprint. Some tips include using solar heating instead of electrical, switching to natural and organic toiletries and ditching the use of plastic. So hop onto the green bandwagon, and settle only for such an accommodation whenever you travel.

2. Reduce air travel

You can contribute significantly if you reduce air travel for your vacations. It does not mean that you travel by a ship from the US to see the Great Wall of China, but it could definitely help if you took one direct flight instead of changing multiple flights. Or travel over land within the country and keep to air travel for inter country vacations. During air travel also, always choose economy class as the first-class has double the carbon footprint with all the excesses offered. You could also check out the airlines that have the lowest emissions per passenger mile.

3. Reduce waste

eco bus entertainment van

eco bus entertainment van

While on that dream holiday, try not to use single-use plastic. Carry your own everyday use items such as water bottles, food containers and coffee cups. Use bamboo cutlery and always have a cloth shopping bag handy for all the souvenirs you buy. Try to carry your own toiletries that are organic with biodegradable packaging. Try to repurpose the use of everyday items. For instance, carry a peshtemal that can be doubled up as a blanket while traveling by air, used as a beach towel, and also as a carpet to lie down on at a park. Refrain yourself from buying single-use napkins and instead opt for a more sustainable travel tissue packs that you can wash and reuse multiple times. This will cut down on using things provided by the airline or your hotel, which is usually wrapped in plastic.

4. Travel off-beat or off-peak

Canadian shield, rich in graphite

The Canadian Shield, rich in graphite, water too

Over-tourism is straining the infrastructure in many places. For instance, the natural wonders are being destroyed and degraded, leading to restrictions because of the throngs of people visiting the same place at the same time. So next time you plan your holiday, take the road less traveled. It will be less crowded as well as much cheaper. If you have the lure for that one famed tourist destination like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, then try to travel in the off-season. You will not be jostled around with hordes of people, and also the money spent will help the locals in the off-season time when they actually need it.

Travel is a must as it is a stress buster; a time to reconnect and rejuvenate. However, be a mindful and responsible traveler and do your bit to leave a positive footprint wherever you go.

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