What Is the Difference Between CBD Capsules and CBD Oil?

cannabis powder and CBD oil

We all know that cannabis products may be a greener way to mitigate pain and health problems. But what dosage when?

Everyone reaches the same point after first trying and enjoying CBD oil; you know you like it, you realize how useful it is, but you want to try more. However, trying to break into more CBD varieties can sometimes feel a bit daunting. To make it easier, the best thing to do is to try and only move a step at a time.

A significant first step is to switch from CBD oil to CBD capsules. But what exactly are CBD capsules? What is the difference between CBD capsules and CBD oil?

What Are CBD Capsules?

To be able to make a choice, it would undoubtedly be helpful to understand what CBD capsules are.

CBD capsules are a measure of CBD oil that has been encased in a readily soluble capsule container. These capsules are usually either made from pure sugar or are made from gelatin and are designed for you to chew them.

The critical thing about CBD capsules is that they are frequently made from CBD isolate, which means that they have a very neutral flavor profile. Not tasting of anything whatsoever makes it incredibly easy to take your CBD without having to worry about the complications of getting your CBD oil dropper out.

But which is the better option? Which is better between CBD capsules and CBD oil?

Main Benefits of CBD Capsules

#1 Convenience

CBD capsules are incredibly portable and easy to take. Due to the fact that they are incredibly small and simplistic, you can easily carry them inside your bag or pocket and take them when you like.

This is helpful for those that lead busy lives. Instead of having to take out a fiddly CBD oil dropper, you can take a pill out of its pot and plop it in your mouth.

Even better than convenience is discretion, however.

#2 Discretion

One of the most significant benefits of CBD capsules is the fact that you can take them privately. Being able to quickly and securely take your CBD capsules without anyone knowing what you are doing is perfect for those situations where people might judge you for your medication choice.

Instead of having to worry about prying eyes, you can easily take your CBD capsules without others knowing what you are doing.

#3 Simplicity

One of the main problems with trying to get into the CBD oil world is the apparent complexity of CBD itself. With a myriad of different flavors, types, and intensities, it can feel incredibly baffling to try and immerse yourself in this new community.

One significant benefit of CBD capsules is that they are incredibly simple. There are no flavors and types to choose from – you can just pick one brand and take your CBD capsules.

Main Benefits of CBD Oil

#1 Way More Flavors

Though some people don’t care about the tasting experience when imbibing CBD, CBD oil allows you to immerse yourself in a whole host of flavors.

Instead of the tastelessness of CBD capsules, you can enjoy all kinds of different flavored CBD oils. Some made from coconut oil, some from hemp seed oil; all of them have a flavor profile and distinct tasting experience.

#2 More Precise Dosages

Many people look for convenience and simplicity in their CBD, but others prefer a more precise medical experience.

With CBD oil, you have way more options with regard to CBD intensity. You can choose between smaller, more moderate dosages, or venture into the other end of the spectrum and get CBD oil with more than 1000mg of CBD per 5ml.

This amount of choice makes it perfect for those needing to medicate specific conditions, rather than generally treat themselves with CBD.

Final Thoughts on Differences Between CBD Capsules and CBD Oil

The ultimate difference between CBD pills and CBD oil is one of preference. While they each have their own individual benefits and drawbacks, the choice of which one to pick is going to be entirely up to you.

If you are the type of person that prefers simplicity and ease of use, then CBD capsules might be the best bet for you.

If, however, you prefer taking precisely the right amount of CBD you need each time, with careful control of frequency and amount, then CBD oil is likely the best candidate.

If you are struggling with the decision, why even choose at all? Nothing is stopping you from happily using both CBD oil and CBD capsules interchangeably, provided the dosage is similar. There is a whole host of different brands available that offer both, many of them showcased on websites like Marijuanabreak.

Lots of people prefer to take CBD capsules while they are at work or out and about, leaving the CBD oil for when they are at home.

Just pick whatever works for you, and you will likely be just fine.

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