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Eat more nuts, live longer.

Today, people are living longer than at any other time in the history of the human race. There are many products on the market that are supposed to extend your life such as essential oils, drugs, protein supplements, vitamins and many other healthy gimmicks. But truly a definite way to extend your life is to develop healthy eating habits. Below are a few:

Don’t Stuff Yourself Ever

Among animals there is a direct correlation between reduced calorie intake and longer life. Remember, this is among animals not humans. The research indicates that when animals had a reduction of calorie intake by 10-50% may increase their lifespans. Studies among human populations showed a correlation between lower calorie intake and longer lifespans. Another benefit was the reduction of diseases attacking these human populations. But this must be kept in balance because if people reduce too many calories from their diets-people cannot maintain this type of diet, they become hungry, and have lower body temperatures. But lower calorie intake will help to reduce weight and belly fat which are related to having a shorter lifespan.

Nuts, Nuts, Nuts

The more nuts you eat the longer you will be around. It is a proven fact that people who eat nuts three times a week increase their chances by 39% of living longer and not dying young. Furthermore, in a review, of 350,000 people it was shown that those who ate nuts had an increased chance-4-27%-of not dying during the time of the study. Those who ate nuts daily had an even greater chance of not dying during the time of the study. It is conceivable the study lasted for years.

Nuts will expand the lifespan because they contain several vitamins and minerals including magnesium, copper, potassium, folate, niacin, and vitamins B6 and E. Nuts will help with heart disease, inflammation, high blood pressure, diabetes, lowering belly fat levels, metabolic syndrome, and some forms of cancer.

People who eat 2 handfuls of nuts daily may live to be 100-years-old or longer. A 30-year Harvard study revealed that those who ate nuts had a 20 percent lower mortality rate than those who don’t eat nuts. Other studies showed that eating nuts lowered the “bad” cholesterol levels in people who consumed them on a daily basis.

Add Some Turmeric to Your Diet

Live a little longer by taking some turmeric because it contains turmeric which is a great element to put into the body. It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that will help brain, heart, and liver function which will surely prolong a life. It is said that curcumin extended the lifespans of insects and mice.

Jack LaLanne

He was the one of the original exercise gurus who ate a healthy diet and lived to be 96-years-old dying in 2011. He was born in 1914 and at one time he beat a 21-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger in an exercise competition. At the time Jack was 54-years-old. He obviously did something right to live so long.

Eating Habits of People Living over 100 years-old

A team divided where these people lived into “Blue Zones” in the world. They shared their eating habits that have allowed them to live over 100-years-old and this was a typical age to reach for these people.

Plant-Based Foods

These people suggest that your diet should consist of 95% plant-based foods. The best of the foods that will keep you alive longer are leafy greens. In Ikaria—A Greek island in the Aegean Sea– where people live very long lives. Vegetables grow like weeds on this island. A study found that middle-aged people who consume a cup of cooked greens daily; will have a much better chance of living in the next 4 years than those who don’t.

Spare the Meat

Eat meat sparingly or about 2 times a week. The amount should be 2 ounces (smaller than a deck of cards) 5 times a month. People in the blue zones eat meat once in a while to supplement the main dishes. People in the blue zones eat meat from animals who freely graze in the grasslands. Supposedly, this meat contains Omega 3 fatty acids.

Eat Plenty of Sea Life

It is recommended that you eat fish at least once a day because fish are supposed to help people live longer. A study has followed 96,000 people since 2002, who ate fish everyday were reported to live longer. In the Blue Zones, they eat middle-of-the-chain fish like anchovies, sardines, and cod. Fish are supposed to help with brain function which always helps people to live longer.

Cut the Dairy Products

It is suggested that if people want to live longer they reduce their consumption of dairy products. It is suggested that cow’s milk is not the best product for the human digestive system. It is heavy in fat and sugar. It is not easily digested by the digestive system. The Blue zone people eat a lot of goat milk and yogurt which is supposed to extend their lives. They seem to thrive on these types of dairy products.

Egg It

Usually, it would be smart to eat one egg at a time up to 3 times a week which will really help to extend your life. You can fry an egg and fold it into a tortilla or boil one egg in soup. A good baking recipe is: 1/4 cup of applesauce, 1/4 cup of mashed potatoes or a small banana to sub in for one egg. Eggs are high in protein which will help to keep body healthy for years. Proteins are important to include in people’s diets.

It must be noted that certain foods in certain combinations can be eaten on a daily basis to give people longer lives. But the foods must be consumed in moderation, especially, ones that are not the healthiest to be consuming on a daily basis. Other foods which are beneficial should be eaten in greater amounts.

Beans Eat Beans  

Eat soybeans, lentils, and garbanzo and white beans, to help you enjoy a longer lifespan. A lot of sources say to eat beans to extend your life. Beans are made of 21 percent protein and 77 percent carbohydrates. One benefit is they contain very little fat. They are a pure energy food. They are a staple in diets of people who want to live long lives. A ½ cup of beans a day will supply all the minerals and vitamins you will need.

Whole Wheat and Sourdough Bread

It is recommended that you switch from white bread to whole wheat or sourdough bread. Breads made with 100 percent whole grains such wheat, rye, and barley. Each type of these breads offer a wide range of nutrients and high levels of fibers. Supposedly, white bread is made with bacteria that eliminates the glutens and starches while the bread rises. This process also creates acid which gives sourdough its sour flavor.

Cut the Sugar

If you want to enjoy long life then cut out your consumption of processed sugar. Generally, people who live to be 100 years or more put honey in their tea instead of sugar. They only eat desserts at celebrations which will reduce their consumption of sugar by quite a bit. Add only 4 teaspoons of sugar to your drinks and reduce eating donuts, cakes, sweet foods to a few times a week. And stay away from processed foods with sugars listed in their ingredient lists. Apparently, consuming too much candy, cakes, etc. can shorten your lifespan. So reduce your intake of these types of foods and you will feel healthier and live longer.

Whole Foods the Way to Go

Eat foods that are whole like oranges with the pulp and eggs with the yolks and try and avoid foods with ingredients lists that are a mile long. In other words, stay away from unnatural processed foods. You can add some years to your lifespan. If you migrate toward a more natural diet or organic diet you can extend your lifespan considerably.

Science is discovering that plant foods work synergistically–When something is synergistic, it means various parts are working together to produce an enhanced result. If you’ve just heard a synergistic symphony, the musicians must have played very well together. You’ve probably heard the phrase “more than the sum of its parts—to bring about ultimate health.

Take a Swim

It is recommended that people drink 7 glasses of water a day to keep their bodies. This way it lessens the chance of blood clots developing. Blood clots could be fatal so drink plenty of water to keep the blood clear.

Drink Green

If you drink tea you may consider drinking green tea because it may lower the risk of heart disease and many cancers. Green Tea can help you to lose weight as well.

Here you have a list of healthy eating habits you can incorporate into your lifestyle. These eating habits will prevent people from experiencing premature deaths and it will extend their lifespans. Eat healthy, drink healthy, and enjoy a longer life.

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