Lebanese monkey escapes across border, drives Israelis bananas!

runaway Lebanese monkeyA frisky little monkey has been spotted in northern Israel after apparently crossing the heavily militarized Lebanese /Israeli border. According to a local Lebanese news report, the monkey had escaped from the farm of French nun in the Qouzah village in Bint Jbeil. The apostate primate has since been spotted in several locations across northern Israel. 

The little critter is causing havoc, but also rising as a runaway social media star as those he visits are documenting the encounters on Twitter and Facebook.

The monkey is from a farm in the Bint Jbeil village of Qouzah called the “Ship of Peace”, an interfaith project run by Sister Beatrice Mauger on land belonging to the Maronite Church, according to a Lebanese media report. The farm, which is intended to be a safe place welcoming Muslims, Jews and Christians, is apparently not so appealing to this monkey who hails from a species from the African savannah.

The Lebanese report offered a monetary reward for the return of the monkey, who as of this writing, remains at large.

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