9 Merits of Online Doctor Consultations

In today’s day and age, the internet has massively influenced the lives of people. From online shopping to travel bookings, everything is just a click away. Online doctor consultation has emerged as a blessing for those who live a hectic lifestyle and are not willing to travel long distances for a doctor’s appointment. This kind of service can drastically reduce waiting times in areas like radiology where it can take weeks to get an expert opinion. Saving time, grief and money is something we support at Green Prophet.

This practice is a great option for those who are chronically ill and who want a follow-up examination. This facility has been conceived with the idea so that the patients can get medical help from the comfort of their home.

It is a very convenient method for those who have limited or no health insurance, and for those who are mostly away from their home. Online consultation is also a viable option for those who are hesitant while sharing their medical condition and would choose to ask a doctor online.

An online doctor consultation has made it easier for people to get high quality health services at low costs.  It is mostly preferred by those who are looking for counselling, second medical opinion and medical help pertaining to fertility issues. Listed below are some of the benefits of online medical consultation that everyone should know. Read on.

  1. Convenience: Online doctor consultation is the safest way for those who have limited or no health insurance. It is beneficial for those who are bedridden and cannot go to a doctor. People who are too sick to visit the doctor can also avail online consultation. Gone are the days when patients have to wait for their turn. Today, everything is just a click away.
  2. 24*7 availability: The most significant benefit of this facility is the flexible timing that enables the patients to consult the doctor any time of the day. This facility does not allow the patient to wait for long hours.
  3. Quick medical attention: Patients can get immediate medical attention through a phone call or video chat. This facility does not involve the hassle of traveling and other medical costs. This is a relief for those who live in distant regions, those with limited mobility due to health conditions and budgetary reasons.
  4. Saving from self-diagnosis: With the usage of internet, it is very easier to find all the information that is available. Many people tend to look for symptoms and more often they tend to misdiagnose themselves. As everything is available online, reading various medical blogs can even mislead readers as they do not allow them to identify the underlying cause of the disease. Self-diagnosis can at times be dangerous and can lead to further serious complications.
  5. No geographical limitation: Online consultation is not limited by the location of the patient. Patient can even consult the doctor if they are out of town or even in another country. This facility is beneficial for those who continuously travel for work and need periodic evaluations by the doctor.
  6. Privacy about medical condition: When a patient consults a doctor online, his or her medical records are saved in a digital format including their medical history. The online consultation is beneficial for both parties. In case, if a patient’s health condition is stable, the doctor can just study their current condition with their medical history and prescribe them with the required medications and treatment course.
  7. Obtaining a second medical opinion: During this process, getting a second opinion is also very easy. If the first consultation was a physical visit, then the patient can consult a doctor online just to know more about their complaints. Two different approaches of treatments can give a better idea of the condition. This facility allows the patient to get quick information from a specialist and tackle any complaint or symptom on their own. It enables the patient to analyse their own health and symptoms if they show up again.
  8. Privilege to choose a doctor: Online doctor consultation gives a patient the liberty to choose a doctor based on gender, language and affiliation to a particular hospital etc. Apart from this, the facility allows you to stay away from the chance of getting an infection. A huge number of sick people come to healthcare centres to get treatment. The risk of getting an infection is eliminated in this facility.
  9. Affordable: Doctor consultation services at hospitals have become costly and for those who are in need to visit the centres regularly might have to bear costly medical expenses. This facility is quite economical and they can decrease the need for repeating the consultations.

Patients can get instant answers to their queries instead of waiting for their turns. The online consultation also relieves the patient to share their medical history again as all the data has been stored.

Online doctor consultations are not a replacement of traditional healthcare centres, but they do work as an extension of traditional healthcare that allows the patient to get greater accessibility to care. With this facility, and services provided by medical prescription, patients can choose where and when to get a consultation. Minor medical conditions like flu or cold are easily treatable through these services.

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