What You Need To Know About Solar Power In Canada

Whether you are an energy conscious homeowner or you are just looking to lower your carbon footprint there is a good chance that you have recently heard about solar power. In fact, did you know that a solar power system is installed every 1.6 minutes in the United States? Well, the trend in even picking up in Canada as well. The great thing about solar power is that it is not only sustainable energy, but it is renewable, which means that it is never going to run out. Scientists have discovered that just one hour of harnessed sun contains the abilities to power a global population for an entire year. So, what do Canadians really need to know about solar power and why should they take advantage of it?

How Does Solar Power Work In Canada?                                                                              

The concept of solar power in Canada is similar to that in the United States and it is extremely easy. First, you have solar panels that are installed on your roof. Next, you have an inverter installed in the home that connects into your meter and main electrical box. Basically, the panels on the roof harness the sunlight and send it to the invertor. The sunlight is stored as a DC voltage, but since the home utilizes AC voltage it must be converted and this is where the inverter comes in handy. After the voltage is transferred into AC voltage it can then be distributed throughout the home to feed appliances and lights.

Anyone Can Benefit From Solar Power

Whether you are visiting Canada or living in the country you truly can benefit from this sustainable power. Just remember that if you are visiting Canada you are going to need to apply for an electronic visa before you are legally allowed to enter the country. Anyone can quickly and easily apply online at eta-canada.com. This electronic visa work almost like a regular visa, as it will allow you six months of legal clearance in the country for a period of up to five years. If you do stay longer in the country before that five years is up, you can apply for an extension, which may or may not be denied.

Get Credits For You Excess Power

The great thing about solar power is that it not only cuts down your carbon footprint, but it could actually save you a bundle of money in the future. You already know that it cuts down on your electrical consumption because you are now using the sunlight to harness power. However, what you might not know is that there are months when you are going to produce excess power as well. During extremely sunny months it is possible that you are going to harness more energy than you are going to use. Well, this is a good thing because that excess power can be sent back to the power plant where it will be traded for credits.

The power company will not only pay you for these credits, but they will take that excess energy and utilize it to power nearby homes. So, you are actually helping others reduce their carbon footprint as well.

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