Tips for students how to minimize impact on the environment

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A lot of people have been much more attentive to the environmental footprint we live on the planet as species. With the rise of technologies, industrialization and worldwide population, we tend to literally alter our surroundings in numerous quite unpleasant ways. People have to face the results of their vital activities and reconsider the attitude towards nature and our place in it. Otherwise, the results can be devastating, and the next generations might face a quite massive environmental crisis, that can be avoided by following simple rules. The key is to convert as many people as possible to the philosophy of ecological living, recycling, and reduced energy consumption. And as a student, you have all the perfect tools and conditions to achieve this task. Stay tuned for further instruction on how to save our planet and leave positive environmental impacts instead of regular wastes and tons of garbage.

Try to use single-use plastic less

Everybody likes partying, there is no denial of that. But the big crowd and fun games also come with a lot of plastics in the form of straws or those famous red beer cups. Many countries nowadays are thinking of putting a ban on straws and other non-recycling items like cotton pads and wet wipes because all of them are hard to break down and they end up polluting oceans. Staying away from using those things are not that hard, but it is one of the best ways to reduce the impact on the environment.

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Recycle everything

It is a golden rule of leading a planet-friendly lifestyle. Recycling solves the waste question and has a tremendously positive outcome on our habitation. You know the basics of this process, but we are going to add some tips designed specifically for college and university students. Even in our digital age we still turn in a lot of works written in the good old notebook. Sometimes people get nice grades, sometimes they don’t. Of course, you can type in Google “source to pay someone to write my paper” and get help, but if you didn’t – don’t worry, we got you covered. Any bad assignments, drafts, drawings, unnecessary lecture materials can be recycled! Get rid of all used paper stocks in your room, and you will get a double benefit – rescued nature and more storage space.

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Use food waste wisely

One of the very good but subtle ways to reduce human impact on the environment is to utilize edible waste in a proper way. A big percentage of soil is drained and “tired” from constant agriculture activity. It needs rebound and time to bring the balance back to its composition. Compost aka food waste does exactly that, and it is extremely easy to through away leftovers into dedicated trash bins. If your canteen does not have those, it could be easily arranged. We are sure officials would not mind this initiative.

Save resources

It is hard not to mention the fact that about 13% of Earth population does not have access to the clean water. This year marks the first time any major city (talking about Cape Town situation) went waterless. Lack of drinking water is one of the major problems humanity will face in the nearest future if we don’t change our ways now. So one of the most efficient ways to minimize human impact on the environment is to use water, electricity, heating wisely. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the dormitory or rent an apartment. Pay attention to this issue and alert your roommates on the saving strategies.


Use your learning space to promote green ideas

Educating people on how to save our planet is the best way you can help as a student. Spread the word about basic recycling and ecological tips for everyday life at your campus, join “green” groups, organize activities that will help to raise awareness on this topic. It can be something fun and engaging, for instance, a BBQ with board games, sports competitions, or school game day with an emphasis on the environmental issues. Educate yourself on the topic and share with others!

Be reasonable

That is the best tip there is if you want to protect the planet. Do not distance from “difficult” issues, but embrace them! There is a problem of overconsumption and, thus, overproduction.

  • Use thrift shops. You might find pretty luxurious garments there, spare the world from one more garbage pile and save some money for other adventures.
  • Go shopping with a tote bag. It will prevent plastic bags from polluting the oceans.
  • Use public transport as much as possible. It is a hard one, but many countries have sophisticated and practical transportation systems, and in some, there are special prices for people who have chosen to get to work/university by train or a bus. The fewer cars are used on the everyday basis, the less carbon waste is disposed into the air.

The major challenge is to implicate these small changes into your daily routine, turn them into habits and educate others. But the outcome will be huge, and hopefully, our planet will thank us one day for these efforts.

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