Arab woman sells her ex-boyfriend online

Google “love gone wrong” and you’ll be faced with 46,100,000 results offering music videos, poems, books, potions, and advice on how to deal with an ex-lover who played you wrong. A young Egyptian woman went old-school (albeit using new social media) and devised her own way to deal with her post-breakup blues. She offered her boyfriend up for sale on an online marketplace.

The unidentified woman put her ex-boyfriend on sale on the online marketplace OLX, and to twist the knife, she posted her offering in the animals section.

“I am selling my ex. His name is Omar Zeitoun. He is good-looking and calm, and he has long hair. He studies English law and drives a motorcycle,” she wrote in her ad, adding that he is “scratch-free”.

The seller declared that she was open to any price offered, explaining that she “didn’t find any section to present him in other than the animals section.”

The offer, which can no longer be found on OLX, grabbed attention on social media after Egyptian photographer Nour El-Din Fkronh shared a photo that captured him standing alongside Zeitoun.

“I bought the lad who was being sold by his girlfriend on OLX,” the photographer wrote in the caption, in which he tagged Zeitoun. Fkronh’s post amassing almost 3,000 shares on Facebook, and a lot of comic commentary.

Soon after, Zeitoun posted a video of himself dancing and goofing around while driving a motorcycle, with a caption that reads, “They say [I’m] for sale.”

Sadly, there is scant intel on what the guy did wrong. And several viewers were clearly crushing on the “product”:

“You’re good-looking, so why are you being sold on OLX?”

Shaking my head at this story, and signing off with a guilty pleasure Love Gone Wrong tune.  Peace out.

Images: Facebook/nour.fkronh

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