FAD Diets – Short-Term Benefits for Long-Term Health Conditions

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With the increasing cases of obesity, a lot of people are looking for ways to cut the weight and lose the fats. One of the methods that have been greatly considered is the use of FAD diets. This is largely because most users have been able to get positive results albeit by pushing their bodies to the limits and depriving them of important nutrients. What most people don’t see coming are the long-term effects that these diets have. Even though they help you lose weight, the long-term effects prove that the trouble is not worth it.

Weight gain

FAD diets promise you great results in your weight loss agenda with minimal efforts. However, medical professionals and nutrition experts will tell you that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is by making sure that you make long-term changes to your lifestyle, embrace exercise and improve your eating habits. By taking a highly restricted diet, most of the weight lost weight is just water weight. Once you resume your normal eating habits, the pounds will jump right back and probably with a few more.

Your metabolism is altered

For a FAD diet to work, you need to eat a specific amount of food at a specific time. This forces your body to change its metabolism. Naturally, your body is able to tell you when to eat and when you need to stop eating. If you force it to go against this natural pattern, the negative effects can remain long after you have completed the diet which can be devastating to your body and health.

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To get the desired results, there are certain foods you will be prohibited from eating according to the diet you choose. Some diets will require you to remove carbohydrates from your diet and all types of fats. As a result, you deprive your body of these nutrients especially considering that foods like carbohydrates are essential for energy. This leaves you feeling easily exhausted, constantly tired and lacking vigor. Some of these fats like Omega 3 are also critical for the development and sustenance of your brain and lack of them can impact your mental health.

Hair and Muscle loss

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The loss of muscle and hair is largely as a result of the nutritional deficiencies advocated for by the fad diets. For your hair to grow, it requires a sufficient amount of protein. When your body goes for long periods without such nutrients, the quality of your hair is affected which can lead to shedding. The low-calorie requirement of the same diets can also affect your muscle development. Denying your body its fuel for energy forces it to start digesting muscles. This can also impact your weight loss goals because the muscles also help you to burn more calories even when you are resting.

While there are plenty of ways to lose weight, it is important that you consult medical professionals on the safest and best ways to lose weight. Medicine Direct has highly qualified practitioners who can help you come up with a safe and effective weight loss plan that will help you enjoy the benefits of weight loss without the adverse health effects.

Along with improving your overall diet, using an exercise bike for weight loss helps keep you fit and healthy.

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