The first Tesla 3 arrives in Morocco

tesla electric car morocco

The first Tesla 3 has arrived to Morocco thanks to a group of electric vehicle enthusiasts, the Tesla Club Morocco. One of the challenges, the biggest challenge, for any nation or individual looking to import electric cars is making sure there is constant and reliable access to electricity.

There are 3 older Tesla models circulating the nation, and enthusiasts there boast that 20 have visited from foreign countries like Portugal, Germany and Austria.

tesla electric car morocco

See the image above, and the Tesla 3’s first Moroccan test drive with Khalil, who has put in a significant amount of effort into organising the EV community in Morocco. He and a few other members of Tesla Club Morocco dug deep into their own pockets to install a $25,000 fast-charging station along the highway for public use.

They also purchased Tesla destination chargers to install for the public using their own money as the country is not supported in the destination charging programme. Funny thing is, he doesn’t even own a Tesla yet and is putting in more effort to advance the Tesla community than most people out there!

tesla electric car morocco

For more follow the Tesla Club Morocco for more.

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One thought on “The first Tesla 3 arrives in Morocco”

  1. Oh, little correction. It is not the first Tesla, but the first Tesla 3. We assume that there has been since 2015 already more than 20 Teslas arrived to Morocco. There has been 2016 an international E-Pilot meeting during the COP 22 in Marrakech with several Teslas from Austria, Germany, France and Portugal and as well the first e-Rallye of Morocco, RIVE MAROC, that took place 2017 for the first time, Teslas included:-)

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