The pros and cons of owning a Harley Davidson in the UK

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Electric bikes have taken over the world. And there is a lot to be said about the environmental advantages to driving a 2 wheel vehicle, over a 4. Ownership of a Harley Davidson is a major goal for many motorcycle fanatics. These motorcycles are well-known all over the world and have become an icon of the biker life. Depending on where you live, using a bike for transportation can be either simple or complex. Weather patterns, traffic, and cost all play a part in how a motorcycle works into your daily life. Your geographical location can also be important when making the decision about purchasing a Harley Davidson. They are a group of specialty bikes that fit in to some lifestyles better than others. Owners of these bikes, however, stand strong in their support of the brand. Residents of the United Kingdom may have some very specific reasons for deciding for or against a Harley Davidson. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons for owning a Harley Davidson in the UK.


Cost Efficient

Gas prices have increased significantly in the UK. The cost of keeping a car full of gas is often an unmanageable expense. A Harley Davidson gets better gas mileage than a car and parking charges are often non-existent. In large cities, like London, parking for public places can be pricey. Many people opt for public transit to avoid the hassle. A motorcycle is an excellent way to save on parking while still enjoying personal transportation.

Insurance and maintenance are also an added expense when owning a car. These costs are still present when a motorcycle is involved, but they are much less. Insurance on a motorcycle can cut your monthly premium in half. A motorcycle does not require the same amount of maintenance. A car engine is larger, and more complex, making maintenance more extensive. The overall cost of a car payment is also more invasive to a monthly budget. A Harley Davidson purchase can easily be less financially destructive.

What’s more, you can buy from the range of Jennings used Harley Davidson bikes, which makes it far more cost efficient than purchasing one brand new.

Social Opportunities

Many social groups form over shared interests. Hobbies are a great catalyst for clubs and lasting friendships. Harley Davidson enthusiasts often form social groups that meet up for meals, outdoor activities, and group bike rides. Many also form an alliance with a specific charity. There may be coordinated volunteer events or money raising efforts. Charity events can be a great bonding experience with other Harley Davidson owners. By joining a specific club, you are guaranteed to have endless support and advice when it comes to maintenance, repairs, and upgrades for your bike. Online Harley Davidson forums also offer advice and social chat groups.

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City Life

Other than the traffic, life in the big city can be inconvenient for those with cars. Parking is often limited and expensive in the city. A motorcycle takes up much less space. City dwellers often have everything they need nearby, sometimes within walking distance. A car may sit in a parking space and be used rarely. There is no need to incur the cost of a car payment, gas, and parking for minimal use. A motorcycle can be used more efficiently and cost effectively.


Harley Davidson’s have some of the most comfortable designs available for motorcycles. These bikes are made for cruising, not speed. They are, therefore built for comfort. There is no concern over extreme aerodynamics or racy décor. The seats are guaranteed to be large enough to fit a wide range of body shapes and weights. Unlike the slim seats on racing bikes, Harley Davidson seats are made to be seated on for long periods of time, If desired. Many motorcycle owners have a friend or significant other that enjoys riding with them. Harley Davidson bikes also offer a comfortable space for passengers.

Enjoyment of the Outdoors

A motorcycle is a nice way to enjoy a ride on a country road. If you live in one of the less condensed areas of the UK, a Harley Davidson can be a fun recreational tool. Country roads have less traffic, allowing for enjoyment of a steady ride with a nice breeze and warm sunshine. Riding on a motorcycle can be a way to lead a simpler lifestyle. Nature is more accessible when you are not closed up inside of a car. It can also be easier to park a Harley Davidson in local parks and other outdoor recreational areas. The UK is home to stunning scenery, such as the Welsh countryside, which is perfect to be witnessed on a motorcycle. Hop on your bike for a day of nature exploration.



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The weather in the UK is often unaccommodating for outdoor activity. The well-known fog and overcast skies can contribute to low visibility. While these weather complications are not unique to motorcyclists, they do make transportation difficult. Rainstorms are the most prevalent weather pattern that affects those riding on their Harley Davidson. Rainy weather is abundant many areas of the UK. While protective gear can help, it is near impossible to stay completely dry when rain pours down on an exposed biker. Winters can also be unforgiving in parts of the UK. Those that do not tolerate cold temperatures well, may have a hard time riding a motorcycle when temperatures drop. The wind often seems colder when you moving on a bike. If you plan to use your Harley Davidson for daily commutes, it is best to invest in quality rain and cold weather gear.


Traffic is a common occurrence in large cities. High traffic times, such as morning and evening rush hour, may leave you seated on your Harley Davidson longer than desired. People prefer the more relaxed nature of car seats during traffic jams. Your entertainment options are also limited when riding a motorcycle. In a car you can listen to the radio or an audio book fairly easily. Sound systems are present on many Harley Davidsons; however, they can present dangers to the driver. Motorcyclists must be very aware of their surroundings and may not be as responsive while listening to music. Traffic can also put a strain on a motorcyclist’s legs, as they have to stop repeatedly and sit at lights for long periods of time.

Foreign Parts

Harley Davidson is not a UK brand. The company that manufactures these bikes originates in the United States. When repairs are needed, parts may not be readily available. It is important to find a reliable dealer or mechanic that routinely stocks parts once you purchase a Harley Davidson in the UK. Planning ahead can help to avoid having your bike out of commission for a long period of time. Many parts can be ordered online, however, shipping times and charges may be elevated. Some parts of the UK may also not have a qualified shop to sell Harley Davidsons. A bit of travel, therefore, may be necessary to make your purchase.


Motorcycles of any kind come with safety issues. A Harley Davidson is, however, safer than a racing bike. Most operators do not excel to unnecessary speeds, and use their motorcycles for slower, enjoyable rides. Other motorists, however, cannot be controlled. Even safe motorcycle drivers can fall prey to a distracted car driver. Drivers of cars often are not conditioned to look out for motorcyclists. Bikes are smaller and not as easy to see. Wrecks that involve motorcycles carry a much higher risk of severe bodily harm, as there is nothing to protect drivers from the elements. Accidents can be avoided by following proper traffic rules and refraining from weaving between lanes. Moderate speeds and proper clothing can also help protect drivers of a Harley Davidson.


There may be some instances where a motorcycle owner is unable to accomplish things they wish due to not owning a car. There is limited space on a Harley Davidson. Only one passenger is able to accompany the driver on a ride. Motorcycle owners are unable to be the host of large car trips. They may also have to take public transportation or secure a ride with friends during inclement weather.

Dressy occasions can be difficult to attend if you are arriving on a Harley Davidson. Alternate clothing may have to be worn on the journey to the location, with a change of clothes packed for the event. Formal wear could become dirty or wrinkled while operating a motorcycle. Storage space is limited, however, should hold a change of clothes or travel bag. Transporting pets, large amounts of groceries, and large items may not be possible. Think about your lifestyle before making a Harley Davidson your main method of commuting.

The decision to purchase a Harley Davidson is often dependent on a person’s lifestyle preferences. It can be surprising, however, how easily a Harley Davidson can fit into your life. They can be money saving for those who wish to avoid the costs of a car, and versatile for congested areas. Many people simply purchase them to use for fun, while they use their car for daily transportation. Preparations is key to manage a motorcycle during bad weather, as proper equipment or alternate transportation is necessary. The comfort level of a Harley Davidson also exceeds that of many bikes, making them a great choice for longer rides and hauling passengers. The choice to include a Harley Davidson in your collection is a personal one with several attributes to consider.

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