The top 6 greenest cities in America

All humans are now having to accept that they have a responsibility to protect the planet, and with a number of different implementations to help aid the battle against climate change, we’re taking a look at one of the most populous countries, America, and how they are staying green. Here, we’re listing the top 6 greenest cities in America, and if you want to visit one of them, make sure that you have your USA ESTA before you travel in order to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Without further ado, here’s the top 6 greenest cities in America.

Portland, OR

Portland is already famous for its rose garden, and with a number of colourful parks, plenty of mass transit options and plenty of sustainable eating options to consider in the city, it takes one of the top spots as a green city in America. There are Bike Bars, electricity-producing exercycles and locally-made clothing being some of the most popular parts of the city, helping Portland to make its name as a top green city in America.

Minneapolis/St Paul

With a huge number of bike sharing schemes around the city, some number 1 green spaces and an entire shopping centre that uses solar power as opposed to a central heating system, there’s plenty of thumbs ups going to Minneapolis for their green policies. They even have LEED-certified Target Field which collects millions of gallons of rainwater and snowmelt every year.


Charleston is known for its old-fashioned qualities and with this comes some extra eco-friendly tendencies. With antique stores that love reusing items and restaurants that love local ingredients it’s easy to see why Charleston ranks so highly on this list. In addition to this, Charleston is known for its excellent walkability options across all of the different aspects of the city (such as the museums), and with a number of walking tours to enjoy across the city, Charleston is the perfect green destination to visit or even to live.

Kansas City

With a new public streetcar introduced in 2016, its mass transit ratings are excellent. In addition to this, the city is extra special when it comes to flea markets and BBQ joints which run on locally raised livestock. In addition to this, Kansas City is also excellent when it comes to its wastage.

Honolulu, HI

An interesting addition to this list is the green paradise of Honolulu. Boasting one of 2016’s lowest greenhouse-gas emissions per capita and one of the highest percentages of green space in the whole of America, it’s no surprise to see it make the list.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a surprising addition to this, as for many, they think of San Francisco to be a bustling city. However, San Francisco boasts one of the lowest percentages of people who drive in the whole of America and has one of the highest bikers’ scores. Interestingly, San Francisco also has one of the largest numbers of farmers markets per capita, making it an ideal green place to visit in America.


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