6 hotels from the movies you can totally stay at

Hotel-sididriss Tunesia, Star Wars filming

We’ve travelled to Casablanca to see where Bogart gave his favorite lines, to learn the movie wasn’t really filmed there. Many of the movies you see are like this: filmed in studios or in locations only resembling the assumed backdrop. In reality, some of the world’s famous hotels were already famous before the film’s success, while others got popular because they were in a movie. Or some were specially built celebrating the success of the film as well. They are not all sustainable but they do tell an extra story and when you are searching for great hotel deals when long-term traveling, some the hotels below will make you live your life like a legend.

Las Vegas as Persian Rug

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Actual Roman Emperor Caesar, whose name is used as a title of this fantastic hotel in Las Vegas, didn’t have an opportunity to stay here, since, well, it was built hundreds of years after the Emperor’s death. However, Bradley Cooper and company made this hotel famous because here guys shot a few scenes while filming super popular summer blockbuster about weirdly ended bachelor party called “the Hangover.”

After the movie got into theaters or you find the movies online, this hotel naturally became a symbol of crazy parties and fun you will never forget in your life if you decide to stay here one day too. Green rating? About zero.

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Sadri Miss (or Tatooine), Tunisia

Room service, breakfast, royal king size beds and so on – all of these things in the hotel Sadri Miss cannot be found. However, tourists come here for another reason – Sadri Miss was actually a childhood home of Luke Skywalker, the Jedi Knight from another cult movie “Star Wars”.

In a movie, people drank blue milk, bought robots or gaze their eyes upon to setting suns, but in reality, you won’t get a chance to experience the same thing. Although, you can definitely walk around in familiar surroundings and enjoy hot Tunisia’s sun and atmosphere of the film as well. Green rating? 4 out of 5. Why? Traveling to Tunisia will boost the country’s flailing economy. When you are there check out Luke Skywalker’s home as well.


Millennium Baltimore Hotel, Los Angeles

This is one of those hotels, which interior is familiar to all those people who love movies more than anything. Why? Millennium Baltimore Hotel, and especially the lounge of it, was pictured in such famous movies like “Ghostbusters”, “Spiderman”, “Wedding Crashers” and many other ones.

Moreover, luxurious looking lounge, incredible restaurants, and expensive rooms were truly loved by many movie makers, therefore, by booking a stay in here, you might feel like a real superhero too. Green rating? 3. Why? Ghostbusters gave us years of imaginative play.

Desert Sands Motor Hotel, New Mexico

Brothers Cohen modern classic “No Country for Old Men” is hard to forget not only for film lovers. Especially remembering that hotel in which the cold-blooded killer Anton Chigurhas stayed at! But in fact, that hotel really exists, and you can totally stay at!

To be honest, it is just an ordinary roadside motel with very low room fees, so you won’t kill your budget if you decide to stay there for a while. Although, it will pay off to lock your doors there for sure. Green rating? 2. Why? It’s good to stay at a small family run business, but you shouldn’t pay to get scared.

The Hobbit Motel, New Zealand

Who would not want to live in one of the most beautiful films of all time, “The Lord of the Rings” Hobbits village? In New Zealand, in which was shot the legendary trilogy and many parts of “The Hobbit”, there is so called “The Hobbit Motel” which is actually the equipped hotel you are welcomed to stay at.

Rounded doors, houses dug into the ground, and beautiful New Zealand’s nature will make believe that you are living in the same neighborhood as Frodo, Bilbo, and Sam! Green rating? 5. Hobbit homes will make the world a better place.

electric bike japan

Park Hyatt Tokyo, Japan

Can you remember excellent Bill Murray’s and Scarlett Johansson’s roles in the romantic comedy “Lost in Translation”? And do you remember that hotel they stayed at? Well, you can definitely find the exact hotel in Tokyo and book your stay there too!

Take a glass of whiskey in this hotel’s restaurant, enjoy the view from the window of the bar, listen to live music, and maybe even meet a charming stranger with whom you will forget that you are lost. Green rating? 1. It’s a big hotel, luxury and all that. But we love Bill Murray.


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